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Coca Cola Company

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Coca Cola Company


Coca Cola is a globally renowned soft drink manufacturing company, which is universally considered as one of the biggest and popular brands in the current global business sector. The predominant success factor of the Coca Cola Company is based on the commitment of the company towards quality and excellence in services. The management of the company has realized that in order to continue their strong brand image in the global consumer market, the company has to focus on the excellent quality standards. In this perspective the management of the company has invested substantial resources to build a complex supply chain network, which is based on the participation of several quality conscious stakeholders. Considering the global appeal of the company and its brand recognition throughout the globe, the management of the company realizes the significance of maintaining a positive brand image (Frazelle, 2001). If the company is faced with any quality related incidents in any of its global markets, the news will impact on the collective global market. Currently the company has operational activities in the majority of the global countries, only excluding certain controversial countries such as North Korea and Cuba.


Procurement, Manufacturing& Distribution

The process of procurement at Coca Cola is considered as one of the most vital functions of the company, and the management has emphasized great focus on this process. Since the company has to operate in multiple global consumer markets it has to develop a dynamic procurement strategy involving multiple stakeholders. The company's relevant procurement specialists critically analyze the industry and the high quality bottling and manufacturing plants which can be incorporated in the procurement process. After this initial potential list of procurement stakeholders is established, the company's managers proceed to screen these relevant business entities.

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