Critical Analysis Of Flash Multimedia Project

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Critical Analysis of Flash Multimedia Project

Critical Analysis of Flash Multimedia Project


Milla's world is a fun website showing blog-style contributor photos and comments of cute kids. The website has a unique and professional design.


With a fun theme of brightly coloured happy cartoon pets in a landscape, appears fresh and distinctive with its design. While the design might appeal more to children, adults may get something from it too. The green cartoon design is consistent on all pages. The website has a two-column layout similar to a common blog with right navigation menu and is therefore appealing in its simplicity and looks easy to navigate. On the home page is photos of pets that readers have contributed and these are displayed in varying cuteness (Ahn, 2007, 263).

Tabs for navigation at the top of the main white box may need a little work though - the text is quite close to the border of the box (it is cut off in the “About” tab) and the tabs have a black outline around them while the box does not. This detracts from the overall professional looking design. Also, the white box curved corners don't help the design and a green edge can be seen on the top right corner. A square box in line with the tabs (and with the black outline) would help consistency with the professional design and would still suit it. Maybe the error only occurs in my browser?

It was good to see that the logo was well thought out and attractive enough to appear on a T-shirt (might be a good promotion idea). But the logo calls the site “Daily Pets” while the links are labelled “Milla's world” so these might need to be made consistent to make the name more memorable.


Navigation occurs in two menus - the top tabs (with “Home”, “About” and “Submission Guidelines” and the right column navigational menu with an assortment of links and ads by Google. Navigation is simple and easy to follow but it would help if the “About” and “Submission Guidelines” were not repeated again in the right column (to make the menus more interesting). Maybe the “Admin” section could be placed at the top to assist returning contributors, followed by the animal categories then Archives then Pages etc?

This site is similar to a web campaign website in which internet was clearly a significant source of political information and a location of political action in the 2004 elections in the United States and many other countries. Over 40 countries held national elections in 2004; European Parliamentary elections were held that year as well. In most of these elections, most candidates and political parties engaged in one or more Web campaigning practices, as did many issue advocacy groups. Informing was the most common practice, followed by involving, connecting, and mobilizing. Web campaigning practices were more consistent within each type of political actor across democratic countries in Asia, Europe, and North America than among different types of actors ...
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