Enzyme Lipase

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Enzyme Lipase

Enzyme Lipase


Enzymes are needed for the body to maintain our normal weight. Lipase enzyme found in large numbers in raw foods, but it does not in the heat-treated. Lipase is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the food coming. Digestive system is often unable to cope with the problem because we often do not eat the proper amount of raw foods. With a lack of this enzyme in the body fat is not broken down into simple components and is not converted into energy. Fat is stored throughout the body and stored in the blood vessels and organs. You can see how it accumulates on your hips, stomach, and the pope. Another important enzyme is a protease. It is of vital importance and is responsible for the breakdown of proteins and removal of toxins from the body (Zimmermann, 2004). If your body contains too many toxins, the body becomes difficult to deal with excess weight. In case of lack of this enzyme in the body in burning fat mass pollutants back into the system and can cause injury. Thus, a diet rich in protease will facilitate the safe and rapid weight loss.


Lipase has a hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts and acts only on the surface of the water-oil. Pancreatic lipase catalyzes in the cavity of the small intestine of food decomposition of fats (triglycerides) into glycerol and higher fatty acid, forming the first 1.2 and 2.3-diglycerides, and then the 2-monoglycerides. One molecule of triglyceride released two molecules of fatty acids. This process occurs in the oral cavity through the small intestine digestion. Hydrolysis of 2-monoglyceride is very slow under the influence of monoglitseridlipazy. In this form glycerol and fatty acids (Bezaire, 2009).

Pancreatic lipase could be adsorbed to the glycocalyx . Lipase provides hydrolytic cleavage of triglycerides, interacting with other pancreatic enzyme - kolipazoy, a small protein with a molecular weight less than 11,000 daltons. Bile acids at high concentrations inhibit the activity of lipase in the absence of kolipazy, preventing its contact with triglycerides. If the lipase is associated with kolipazoy, they can be adsorbed on the surface of the water - triglyceride, and to carry out its enzymatic action. In addition, the surface of the water-fat or her through a set of lipase - kolipaza transported phospholipids and cholesterol bile (Schweiger, 2006).

Pancreatic lipase has a molecular weight of 48,000 units and the optimum catalytic activity of pH 8-9. In the catalytic site of the pancreatic lipase contains a histidine residue, and serine. Catalytic activity of pancreatic lipase increases the kolipaza, also available in the pancreatic juice.

Lipase in the enzyme preparations

Lipase is the active ingredient in many enzyme preparations used for the correction of the digestive process, as well as to regulate the functions of the pancreas. Most often it is the complex preparations containing the main pancreatic enzymes pets. These medications help to abort clinical signs of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, which include loss of appetite, nausea, rumbling in the stomach, flatulence, talc-, creative-and ...
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