Evaluation Of Start-Up And Innovative Businesses

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Evaluation of Start-up and Innovative Businesses


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1.1 Introduction2

1.2 Background3

1.3 Aims and Objectives6

1.4 Problem Statement6

1.5 Research Question6

1.6 Significance of Study7


2.1 Start-ups and Innovative Businesses9

2.2 Start-up Capital10

2.3Sources of Start-up Capital11

2.3.1 Personal Finances12

2.3.2 Friends and Family12

2.3.3 Angel Investors13

2.3.4 Debt Financing13

2.3.5 Equity Financing14

2.3.6 Customer Financing14

2.3.7 Government Sponsored Programs15

2.4 Discounted Cash Flow Method of Valuation15

2.5 Challenges and Problems in Discounted Cash Flow Method15

2.6 Relative Valuation Model20

2.7 Stages of Investment20

2.7.1 Seed Funds21

2.7.2 Procedures of Series A and Series B Funding21

2.8 Qualities and Characteristics Sought by Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists22

2.8.1 Strength of the Management Team23

2.8.2 Size of the Opportunity23

2.8.3 Competitive Landscape23

2.8.4 Sales Channels24

2.8.5 Funding Requirement24

2.9 Procedure of Valuation24

2.9.1 Assessing the Current Standing of Firm24

2.9.2 Estimation of the Revenue Growth25

2.9.3 Estimation of a Sustainable Operating Margin in Stable Growth25

2.9.4 Estimation of Reinvestment to Generate Growth26

2.9.5 Estimation of Risk Parameters and Discount Rates26

2.9.6 Estimate of the value of the Firm27

2.9.7 Estimation of the Value of Equity and Per-Share Value28


3.1 Research Design29

3.1.1 Primary Research30

3.2 Research Approach30

3.3 Research Technique31

3.4 Research Instrument32

3.5 Research Strategy32

3.6 Sampling33

3.7 Data Analysis Technique33



5.1 Recommendations60



Questionnaire for Survey64


The study was conducted to find out the valuation methods used by angel investors in order to take investment decisions related to start-up and innovative businesses. The study aimed to find out the problems of classic valuation methods DCF faced by angle investors, secondly it will find out the approaches of capital used by angle investors like Seed funds, Series A and Series B funding procedures, the study will also try to reveal the general attitudes and key qualities sought by the Angel investors and Venture Capitalist and it also analyzed the company data with the help of ...
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