Health Care Organization (Health Corporation Of America)

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Health Care Organization (Health Corporation Of America)

Health Care Organization (Health Corporation Of America)


Health care industry is performing superiorly all over United States and in all over the world. Numerous health care organizations are now involved in providing health care facilities to patients, as well as these organizations are also involved in conducting extensive research activities. There are number of giant profit and non profit organizations operating in United States that are serving in several states of United States. Among these organization, there is organization namely, Health Corporation of America.

The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is the largest and private organization network that provides health care facilities in various states of America. It also operates in some other parts of the world. It was founded in 1968. The first hospital of this organization's network was based on Nashville. HCA is the outstanding healthcare services provider in US. The network of HCA includes about 163 hospitals and about 110 surgery centers in England and more than 20 States of US. This leading health care network is employing about 20 million people across US (HCA web source). HCA operates as providers of delicate care, psychiatric, and rehabilitation hospitals.

HCA is striving for improving human life since it has established. It is providing cost effective services to communities. Providing quality care to patients at first by implementing quality measures and to support the care providers is the objective of HCA. Annually, this organization spends approximately $1.5 billion for providing modern health care facilities and updating and modifying services and for updating technological systems to ensure the providing of excellent quality services. All the operations of the organizations are conducted locally and HCA values local physicians and focuses on building strong relationships with them.

The HCA's code of conduct provides guidance to all staffs that helps them in conducting their activities according to appropriate ethical and legal standards.


In 1960s, Dr. Thomas Frist, made his effort by the help of a group of physicians in the development of Park View Hospital in Nashville, Tenn. During 1960s, Dr. Frist and other physicians of Park View were looking for a group that could organize and manage the hospital and can assist by providing adequate capital for the purpose of expansion and to acquire the latest modern technology and equipments to improve the efficiency of hospital's operations. And finally in 1968, Hospital Corporation of America was created by Dr. Frist, Jack C. Massey and Dr. Thomas Frist, Jr. as their hospital. At first the hospital was not have such space to be provided for the employees. With the passage of time, as the hospital developed more and grew, the company built a new corporate building in 1972 behind Centennial Park in Nashville and now today more than 163 hospitals are operating under this headquarters.


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