Hewlett Packard's Corporate Communication & Brand Marketing

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Hewlett Packard's Corporate Communication & Brand Marketing

Hewlett Packard's Corporate Communication & Brand Marketing


Hewlett Packard has been focusing on communicating more, both with its internal customers and its external customers, in order to meet the demands of its various targets. It also communicates to develop its business and win market share. "Corporate communications is the affirmative action issue, transmission and reception of messages in a system of signs that are exchanged within the company and between it and its environment" (Heath, 1994, pp.30). This communication strategy has proved to be effective for Hewlett Packard, however further work must be done on this strategy. It must be thought through a strategy and must be the result of a reflection, in order to optimize the image of Hewlett Packard.

Discussion & Analysis

Corporate Communication

The communication strategy identifies the action plans that Hewlett Packard will implement to develop its communication. To be optimal, it must be part of a global communication, that is to say that all the actions defined communications must be compatible and consistent. These actions must have the same goal: to provide Hewlett Packard an image recognizable by its various targets, an identity, positioning (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2009, pp.36).

Establish a communication strategy is therefore a necessity for companies to apply consistently to all of their targets (clients, prospects, employees, shareholders, suppliers, local community). This strategy will develop consistent messages that will, eventually, to develop a corporate identity, to give Hewlett Packard an image, to gain market share, increase sales, s allocate the services of the best employees (job seekers are more attracted to companies that have a "good reputation" overall). All organizations are seeking to build a positive image among its various targets. Building a communication strategy is to posit an action plan on global communications company, in order to then develop the elements that constitute the communication strategy (Horton, 1995, pp.25).

Communication serves to reveal, to attend and contribute to the project company. Thus, it aims to give the organization:

A favorable reputation gives Hewlett Packard a competitive advantage in order to promote the purchase of products and services, recruitment and investment;

Loyalty of public influence on the future of Hewlett Packard a competitive advantage through the creation of an image.

The ultimate goal of communication is to create an image that is conducive to the future of Hewlett Packard. The image is something that builds gradually through the various communication activities with staff, consumers and the press. It consists of all representations are individuals of the organization and what they see. Everything is in the business image, Hewlett Packard itself, its products, brands, quality of staff (her outfit, hospitality, advice, responding to phone), products (research, innovation, quality, safety), financial health, social policy, etc(Hubner, 2007, pp.54). This image is composed of both the logo of Hewlett Packard (visual representation of a symbol name of Hewlett Packard which is found on the various documents issued in the graphic), the name and brand of Company (Rolex, famous watch brand, changed the name ...
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