How The Environment Plays A Role In Learning

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How the Environment Plays A Role In Learning


In this research paper, the importance or the role of the environment is highlighted. Environment according to this research paper plays a significant role in learning and leaves a great impact on every single person's life. There is no learning without having strong motivation. Although everyone knows that, the environment is playing a significant role in learning, but not everyone knows its affects clearly. In this paper, some of the research theories are also identified that takes place in an environment.




Importance of Learning Environment2

In Different Environments Different People Learn2

Social Circles Encouragement Towards Learning3

Current Scenario4

Theories of Learning Environment4

Social Cognitive Theory4



How the Environment Plays A Role In Learning


Environment has a great impact on our lives and everyone is aware of this fact. Learning is considered to be one of the most important skills and is also essential for everyone. One of the unique human traits is their ability to learn. To learn means to change. You can learn doing, seeing or listening to, but also breathing and embracing. However, there is no learning without motivation because the passion is the mother of thought. The learning of human beings is socio-cultural, that takes place from the others and from the culture in which the person is immersed.

The humans learn usually by interacting with other human beings by imitating the behavior, listening to what they say, in obedience to their "instructions", and so on. Or either, they can also learn indirectly, by interacting with works produced by other humans (books, paintings, the music, poetry, novels). Many of the social variables are also involved that makes a great impact on learning. Out of which some includes the environment of classroom, bullies, teachers, peers, schedules, etc.



In order to get success in life, it is important for an individual to have the skills of learning. Regarding learning, different explanations have been put forward in the environment of learning currently prevailing. In learning, new means of expression help humans to communicate, to express themselves, to think, to imagine the film, television, new computer- based technologies. Games are also considered essential for the earning process. However, little attention has been paid to the psychological value of the game in the size of learning. The recreational activity during the developmental age of man and other animals is the most natural and impulsive socializing. In order to have success in life, there must be proper learning through the means of schools, communities and work (Thompson & Wheeler, 2008). About the world whatever we know, reach us in one way or the other with the help of the environment in which we are living. However, if the environment is not conductive in learning, then a person is not able to learn at his/her best abilities and skills.

Importance of Learning Environment

Once, we are able to learn, then only it is possible to gain knowledge on a basic level, will be able to develop the skills, as well as the ...
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