Occupational Health And Safety

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Occupational Health and Safety

Executive Summary

The objectives of this paper are to know the structure, function and purpose of planning for the prevention of occupational risks in the company, to identify the principles that integrate preventive action and to analyze the essentials of a prevention plan and its implementation in the company. This new unit will address a key issue to achieve the objective of promoting safety and health of workers: the planning of prevention of occupational hazards. So far we have analyzed the classification and treatment of risk in its various forms and some guidelines for action to eliminate or reduce its effects. In this unit we aim to discover how to plan and order the preventive actions from the initial risk assessment, the plan being to prevent the basic instrument around which revolves the whole policy of the company safety and health labor.

Table of Contents


Discussion and Analysis4

Impact of Occupational Health and Safety4

Health and Safety Preventive Action5

Principles Of Prevention5

Safety and Health Standards7

Ergonomics at Work7

Risk Management Planning and Implementation9

Understanding the Legal Context of Risk Management9

Analysis of the Context of the Organization9

Integrate Risk Management Processes within the Organization9

Structuring the Responsibilities and Risk Management Resources10

Implement the Risk Management Process10

The general principles of prevention11

Assessing risks: what obligations?12

The single document: what features?13

Preventive Actions15

The Annual Program of Prevention of Occupational Risks15

Information for employees16

The Safety Training16

The Establishment of an Individual Record17

What is with the employer to manage health and safety at work?19

Conclusion and Recommendation20



Occupational Health and Safety


It is essential to understand the importance of the matter, remember that the man lives in an environment natural (the planet earth), which is the basis of life and development. The man is embedded and developed in an environment that conditions and which in turn modifies its action. The man who is part of nature must live in harmony with it; this means that human activities should unfold in a manner consistent with the maintenance and improvement of ecological environment that nourishes and conditions.

Discussion and Analysis

In your role as worker safety, the prevention plan becomes the best practical tool through which effective trade union action will do that every day is needed to defend the basic right to safety and health of all employees in the company. The essential components of the medium environment are: the water, the air, land and living things, which are closely related, giving the Biosphere the balance needed for the various forms of life are maintained and developed. This process includes the alteration of such compounds that harm the ecological balance; and can cause severe damage to any life form and in any case, impair the quality of human life.

Impact of Occupational Health and Safety

Certain changes have been occurring to a greater or lesser extent in the human environment in recent decades by the application of political cultural, social and economic conditions that do not sufficiently take into account the "environmental impact" of certain abusive forms of exploitation of resources, natural, the use of certain substances, industries and potentially harmful technologies and energy ...
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