Operation Control And Improvement Of Account Opening

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Operation Control and Improvement of Account Opening



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The researches focus on the management of processes and provide quality service to the customer in the banking industry. Based on the diversification of banking providers should refer to each model that allows you to estimate and compare what different banks are getting with your company to know the return they get from the relationship and to evaluate it. It is drawing up a document allowing each bank to know both the volume of business transacted through him, as the burden in absolute numbers and percentages. Subsequently deduct the cost of borrowing in the interbank market, which will produce the gross return that the bank obtains about the company, i.e. the amount the bank will earn and the amount of resources that will be devoted to client get this benefit.



1.1 Introduction1

1.2 Company Background1

1.3 Research Aims and Objectives2

1.4 Research Questions2

1.5 Rationale of The Study3

1.6 Ethical Concern3


2.1 Operation Management5

2.2 Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR)6

2.3 Bank Management8

2.4 Purposes and Problems of Bank Management9

2.5 Account Opening: Optimize the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs11

2.6 Improving Account Opening Processes To Increase Customer Loyalty14

2.7 Risk Management19

2.8 Operational Risk19

2.9 Evaluation of Operational Risk and Banking21

2.10 Sources of Operational Risk22

2.11 Total Quality Management (TQM)23

2.13 Understanding the Meaning of Total Quality28

2.14 Strategic Importance of Total Quality30

2.15 The Total Quality as a New Business Management System31


3.1 Mixed Methodology of Research32

3.2 Reason for Choosing Interview32

3.3 Justification of the Chosen Methodology33

3.4 Methods of Data Collection33

3.5 Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Interview34

3.6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Written Questionnaires35

3.7 Research Instrument36

3.8 Research Design and Process36

3.9 Participants36


4.1 Results37

4.2 Main Objectives of Customer Service39

4.3 Strategies for Profitable Growth43


5.1 Recommendations46





1.1 Introduction

Management and process improvement is one of the pillars on which rests on the principles of management Total Quality. Although later be defined more rigorously, it can say very generic that a process is any of the repetitive sequences of activities that normally occur in an organization. We must discard the preconception that what the bank or savings is well done, or the belief that if any amount is charged because "that will be provided." Financial institutions are not free of errors or infallible, as well as experience has shown that the amount of mistakes is high and diverse. (Snell 2007, 459)

1.2 Company Background

BNP Paribas S.A. (BNP) is a listed company in Euronext who based in France. BNP is one of the top tier international ...
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