Operations Management And Productivity

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Operations Management and Productivity

Operations Management and Productivity


The Hard Rock cafe is the chain of the theme restaurants and it has built the image of satisfying the customers of the restaurant. The quality management and productivity of the hard Rock is appreciable by the customers however their prime strategy sits to satisfy the customers of the restaurants. The decisions of the operation management are of prime importance for this restaurant however the customer satisfaction is the primary concern of the restaurant. The case analysis is depicted as the discussion proceeds with the solution to the Hard rock for satisfying the customers and improving the quality of staff members by concentrating on the shift work.

Decisions of Operation Management at Hard Rock

Hard Rock café in context of 10 decision areas of the operation management is explained below:

Product design

They work hard for creating a unique experience for the customers which is more than just good food and service. They consider their café's as a centre of popular culture with authentic memorabilia from rock 'n' roll legends covering their walls, 21 screens showing videos, and an unbelievable sound system.


Quality is one of the key objectives and which can be clearly seen in its services and the concept of improvements on continuous basis can be seen from the changes visible in the strategies and menus.

They take good care of every aspect related to the quality of the food, from good food ingredients to good suppliers and form the on going research on food to the personnel constantly reviewing the menu and getting updated with the new entries to understand better and so that they can help customer understand the nutritional values and the flavors they are there for.

Process and capacity design

The belief in educating their staff for high quality service provision, also they have made their facilities on the basis of exclusiveness. One example of that is that they display unique musical objects like guitars of some very well known celebrities like that of Jimi Hendrix.

The whole production process is top notch quality right from receiving the ingredients to getting the food baked grilled or whatever is required. They use the best available kitchen equipments to keep the quality of the food intact and so that no nutritional values go wasted.

Location selection

They have selected all their locations based on the political, cultural, brand fitness, social costs and with the opportunity ...
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