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Research Papers on Religion and Theology

Theology relates to the study of various religious beliefs which may vary from Roman ideals to Christian ideologies. Theology research papers focus on different religions, their beliefs and practices. Researchomatic has compiled some of the most authentic research papers on religion and theology, each of which has been carefully selected in order to provide quality content to the students.

Religious Tradition
Religious Tradition Religious Tradition Introduction One of the great David Lynch films in which obsessions are reflected best is 'Blue Velvet'. This unique work contains such visual richness that deserves to be analyzed frame by frame. This article does not intend to reach a deep level of understanding, however. I'll settle ...
Religion And Healthcare
Religion and Healthcare Abstract Every religion has a particular belief regarding the health of an individual. The religions studying in this paper are Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity. It was observed that there are significant differences in all three religions regarding the healing process. However, one similarity in the religions is that they ...
The Christian’s Relationship To The Old Testament
The Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament CONTENTS Abstract2 Introduction3 Historical Background3 Justification by Faith5 Man and Sin6 Man and the Law8 Conclusion10 End Notes11 Abstract The research paper aims to discuss the Christian's relationship to the Old Testament in the light of Paul's emphasis on justification by faith. The paper primarily analyzes his view of the Mosaic Law. It can ...
Hinduism Hinduism Foundation of the Hindu Religion Hinduism is referred to the most dominant religion of the subcontinent of India, most importantly of the regions of Nepal and India. The most significant inclusions in the religion of Hinduism are known as Vaishnavism, Shaivism, Smartism and a number of other traditions. A significant point ...
Jihad Jihad Meaning of the word Jihad in Islam Jihad is an Arabic word that means 'struggle'. It is one of the five pillars of the Islamic religion and can be understood as a struggle against personal will for the purpose of purifying oneself and one's faith. Contrary to what many people think, ...
Development Of Seven Sacraments
Development of Seven Sacraments Introduction A sacrament is referred to a sacred rite of the Christians that is recognized as having a particular significance and importance. It is further observed that there are different views that are found on the meaning and the existence of the sacraments in the Catholic religion. The ...
Deities Of The World
Deities of the World Deities of the World Introduction Throughout the world, the early mankind looked for the ultimate truth. They realized the fact that their creation was for a reason. There has to be someone who began this. The sun gave man light and warmth; fire burned him; thunder terrified him; water ...
Sexual Immorality In The Society
Sexual immorality in the Society [Name of the institute] Abstract Our world has become so immune to the commonness of immorality that it does not feel to improve its state of oblivion. All around the world, the societies are not functioning for the reformation of moral values. Instead, they are making it acceptable ...
Woman’s Role In Buddhism
Woman's Role in Buddhism Woman's Role in Buddhism Introduction In the 19th century, America opened their doors to Buddhism. The dharma (teaching) transmission has included women as teachers, nuns, activists, artists, academics, lay people, and students. According to Dr. Queen from Harvard University, there are a list of traits that emerge in American ...
Practical Theology
PRACTICAL THEOLOGY Practical Theology Practical Theology1 An Overview1 Background to Practical Theology1 Practice2 Definition of Practical Theology3 Tension within Practical Theology6 Is practical and pastoral theology synonymous?7 Conclusion9 Bibliography10 Practical Theology An Overview This paper aims to highlight our understanding of practical theology. It is therefore imperative to attempt to provide a contextual position within the broader picture of theology. ...
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