Role Of Advanced Manufacturing Technology In Quality Control

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Role of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Quality Control

Table of Contents

An introduction to the Research Problem3

Research Question4

A Rationale for the Research4

Literature Review5

Advanced Manufacturing Technology5

The Quality Inspection Task11

Research Participants12

Proposed Methodology13

Data Collection Methods14

Research Ethics14

Data Analysis Techniques15

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Role of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Quality Control

An introduction to the Research Problem

With the passage of time problems related to the effective quality control is increasing. The main reason behind this problem is that obsolete and old technologies are being used in the procedure of quality control. So, this points out the need to implement new and latest technologies so that the procedure of quality control can be made effective and efficient. When we talk about bringing improvement in the process of quality control by the implementation of latest technology then the first concept that comes to mind is Advanced manufacturing technologies. For manufacturing organizations that operate globally implementation of advanced manufacturing technology would lend a hand in improving the quality of products and to complete the stage of quality control in less time (Steven, 2009). With the help of advanced manufacturing technology there are a number of organizations in developing countries that have achieved competitive advantage. However, there are manufacturing organizations in under developing countries that cannot adopt this phenomenon of the advanced manufacturing technology. The reason behind this inability to adopt advanced manufacturing technologies includes technical backwardness and other political and social factors. But, still, such organizations in under developing countries are making efforts and devising strategies to adopt the practice of implementing advanced manufacturing technology (David, 2007). There are organizations that are looking for ways through which they can implement computer based manufacturing in their production facilities in order to meet the challenges of the quality control process. There are very few organizations that have realized the importance and usability of advanced manufacturing technology to meet the requirement and eliminate challenges of quality control procedure. This posits that there is a great need to make room to introduce and to make organizations to adopt this concept of advanced manufacturing technologies. It is the miraculous invention that has revolutionized the manufacturing process. By embracing latest technologies the operations that involve humanly efforts can be reduced. These technologies are mainly the just-in-time production systems, controlled machines, cellular manufacturing and group technology. The advanced manufacturing system has increased the effectiveness of the work force and thus increased the quality control system. Thus, this advanced technology has come out to be a very effective technology in ignoring the main components of the quality inspection tasks. The main research problem which will be discussed in this paper is the role of advanced manufacturing technologies in the quality control (Theodore, 2009).

Research Question

Following are the research questions which will be discussed in this paper:

What is the role of Advanced Manufacturing technology in improving quality control?

What are the ways through which the Advanced Manufacturing Technology has brought improvements in the quality control?

A Rationale for the Research

This research will be very helpful for the ...
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