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Research Papers on Accounting

Accounting is a comprehensive field which relates to the systematic recording of financial transactions. Accounting research papers focus on the summarizing and analysis of different transactions. With its collection of carefully selected and compiled research papers on accounting, Researchomatic will help users to further understand the subject and to logically investigate on different aspects of this field.

Tax Plan
Tax Plan Obama Tax Plan Barack Obama announced that it plans to reduce the deficit over the next decade. In light of the first details, it will not be a consensus program minded, but a sum of proposals to quell the discontent of their base curl and the spirits of Republicans. The ...
Case Study
CASE STUDY Case Study on Kellett Ltd Case Study on Kellett Ltd Introduction The case study is based on the financial transaction of Kellett Ltd. which is involved in the production of equipment of edge pollution control. The company has signed an agreement with Acme Pollution Control with the intension to sell the ...
Market Price Enhances Billing Function
Market Price Enhances Billing Function Introduction The paper attempts to discuss the importance of market price list as well as its involvement in enhancing the billing function. Market price list are very essential for ensuring that the billing function is kept efficient (Gelinas, Dull & Wheeler, 34 - 39). This paper highlights ...
Collusion Accounting
Collusion Accounting Introduction It is an agreement between two or more people to defraud a person of his or her rights or to obtain something that is prohibited by law. A secret arrangement wherein two or more people whose legal interests seemingly conflict conspire to commit FRAUD upon another person; a pact ...
Kellett Ltd.
KELLETT LTD. Case 3 - Kellett Ltd Case 3 - Kellett Ltd Introduction The case is related to Kellett Ltd. which produces edge pollution control equipment for industrial and commercial use. Kellett Ltd. has entered in to the agreement with Acme Pollution Control Inc. of selling ownership of the company and the agreement ...
Taxes Of Nba Athletes
Taxes of NBA Athletes Taxes of NBA Athletes Introduction NBA rosters mark high stage gamers from the U.S. and several other nations around the world, making for a higher stage of contest. All this ability has converted the NBA into a multibillion dollars market. The NBA founded its first group wage cap in ...
Real Estate Mortgage
Real Estate Mortgage Real Estate Mortgage Facts The borrower is liable on a real estate mortgage, with an outstanding balance of $1.5 million. The property has a current market value of $1.2 million, wile the Borrower's basis in the property is $1 million. Issue It is important to determine the borrowers ...
Annual Report Project
ANNUAL REPORT PROJECT Annual Report Project Annual Report Project The evolution of the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, has involved both success and controversy. It is a source of cost-savings for millions around the world, but it also seen as responsible for the destruction of its neighboring communities. In its forty ...
Merger And Acquisition Tax Transaction
Merger and Acquisition Tax Transaction Abstract The paper focuses on the M&A Tax Transaction Section 338 (h)(10). This paper represents an attempt to provide with enough basic information to handle the situations, and generally to keep the deal moving forward until the tax colleagues can come to the rescue. In keeping with ...
Drilling For Natural Gas
Drilling for Natural Gas Drilling is a machining technique in which a circular hole in a product is made by means of a drill bit.The act of drilling a gas field using the same methodology applied to an oil field, which is to penetrate the earth layers, using a set of ...
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