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Research Papers on Accounting

Accounting is a comprehensive field which relates to the systematic recording of financial transactions. Accounting research papers focus on the summarizing and analysis of different transactions. With its collection of carefully selected and compiled research papers on accounting, Researchomatic will help users to further understand the subject and to logically investigate on different aspects of this field.

Accounting Case Questions
ACCOUNTING CASE QUESTIONS Accounting Case Questions Accounting Case Questions Calculate what the company's over-all break-even point in total sales dollars. Explain your methodology. In the case of Piedmont Fasteners Corporation, we have three brands named Velcro, Metal and Nylon. The case describes a situation where a company's supply cannot be changed without ...
Decision Support Systems
DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS Decision Support Systems Abstract This paper investigated development/implementation strategies that will promote success on decision support systems (DSS) projects designed to enable supply chain management (SCM) within manufacturing companies. Decision support systems designed to enable SCM are difficult to implement, and the implementation success rate can be improved. The ...
Audit For E-Commerce
AUDIT FOR E-COMMERCE Audit for E-Commerce Executive Summary E-commerce picked up the pace and revolutionizes the traditional mode of trade. With Internet, traders decrease their costs for commerce. With the increasing importance of E-commerce, Audit becomes necessary for the risk management. On one hand, external auditors make assessments on the assurance services ...
HEALTHCARE The Impact of Healthcare Cost on U.S. Businesses The Impact of Healthcare Cost on U.S. Businesses Introduction Healthcare sector is a very significant segment of the U.S. economy. The expenditure in health care grows every year, even exceeding the spending on other goods and services. This shift in consumer spending has led ...
Federal Taxation System
FEDERAL TAXATION SYSTEM Federal Taxation System Federal Taxation System Introduction The tax regime of the United States focuses on taxation at the federal, state and local levels. To Federal taxes are then added to the state taxes and those of some municipalities such as, for example, that of the city of New York. In ...
Adjusting Entries
ADJUSTING ENTRIES Adjusting Entries Adjusting Entries Question 1) Adjusting entries are those entries which are made on the last day of the accounting period i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly. The reason to make these entries is to adjust the account balance at the end of closing period. Moreover, this also reflects the ...
Accounting Earnings And Corporate Governance
Accounting Earnings And Corporate Governance Examining the Association between Corporate Governance and Quality of Accounting Earnings Table of Contents CHAPTER NO 1: INTRODUCTION3 Statement of the Problem3 Research Question3 Journal Selection3 CHAPTER NO 2: LITERATURE REVIEW5 Ambit of Corporate Governance6 CHAPTER NO 3: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY10 Data Sources and Research Limitations10 Sample selection10 Data Type10 Variables11 Reliability11 Validity12 CHAPTER NO 4: RESULTS13 CHAPTER NO 5: ...
Financial Analysis
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Financial Statement Analysis Financial Statement Analysis About Microsoft In 1980, Microsoft releases its first hardware product: the Z80 card (or Soft Card), a microprocessor designed by Federico of printed circuit board which, in the computer Apple II , allows the car to run on thousands of programs available for the class Computer 8080 / CP / M with small ...
MCDONALD'S McDonald's Abstract This research paper will focus on the conflicting accounting principles at the McDonald's. The paper will highlight the significance of accounting practices. Furthermore, the paper will discuss the underlying accounting related problem at the McDonald's and recommendations will be proposed as an alternative course of action. McDonald's Background on ...
Unusual Accounting Principle
UNUSUAL ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLE Unusual Accounting Principle Unusual Accounting Principle INTRODUCTION Unusual Accounting Principles have a negative impact on the company. There are set accounting rule and principle that every company should follow. They should be able to follow the rules and regulations set by the general accounting principles. When these principles are not followed ...
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