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Research Papers on Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is more of a Chinese invented technique to provide treatment to patients through a variety of practices and therapies. It involves particular products and procedures to ensure soothing and efficient results. Creating a research paper on Alternative Medicine is quite of a challenging task. The subjects involves such massage therapies which go totally in the opposite direction with the law of science. Hence, students need to delve deeper into researching its materials. To ease down the struggle, Researchomatic provides a section full of thousands of alternative medicine research topics over the site. The topics range from much different variety. Each alternative medicine research paper is unique and rich with valuable information.

Alternative Medicine - Nursing
Alternative Medicine - Nursing Alternative Medicine - Nursing 7 - Journal of Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship (JUNS) In line with the review of the works that I have done, my contributions are very much in line with the requirements of the Journal of Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship (JUNS). The ideology behind the establishment of JUNS ...
Research Methodology
Research Methodology Research Methodology Features of Quantitative Research Quantitative research is an objective; recognized, organized procedure accustomed to explain and assess associations and studies reason-and-result communications between erratic. The method of primary data gathering brings up the assimilation of data from a number of direct and actual resources, including online surveys or survey ...
Teaching Project Brochure
TEACHING PROJECT BROCHURE Teaching Project Brochure Teaching Project Brochure Communication and Education Develop a crusade slogan and logo. Provide connection and learning by a broad array of methods encompassing mass internet notes, newsletters, seminars, wellbeing fairs, employees meetings, mandatory happenings, stickers, posters, flyers, bulletin planks, productions, intranet, and screensavers. Mandatory computer-based discovering modules.   Planning and Tracking •         ...
NURSING Learning Disability Nursing [Name of student] Introduction The research paper is about a unique behavior in which is found commonly in humans i.e. learning disability. Learning disability is a categorization which includes several areas of functioning, in learning disability a person experiences difficulty in learning typical behavior. The term learning disability has existed since ...
“ethical Issues With An Aging Population”
“Ethical Issues with an Aging Population” “Ethical Issues with an Aging Population”: Ethical standards and how resources should be allocated for an aging population and for end-of-life care. Introduction With statistics showing an increase in the number of population of the older people, the concerns for ethical demands and specific healthcare requirements is on ...
Cri Du Chat Syndrome
Cri Du Chat Syndrome Cri Du Chat Syndrome Introduction This site provided me with a brief overview of the disease and the history of the disease. This site was immensely helpful as it helped to understand the prevalence of the disease among the children, and it also provided me with the overall characteristics ...
Information System In Health Care
Information System in Health Care Information system in Health Care Introduction Because of several reasons, the health care sector might not have a similar tradition in the use of information systems than many other industries. First, application of ICT (information and communication technology) is quite a new phenomenon in health care. Second, ...
Unethical Research
Unethical Research Unethical Research Introduction Today, protecting human research participants through informed consent is common practice. That was not always the case. Unethical and harmful studies conducted in the past led to the creation of a regulatory board and current ethical principles that are in place to protect the rights of human ...
Electronic Health Record
Electronic Health Record [Name of the Institute]Electronic Health Record Introduction An EHR also known as electronic health record is a progressing model demarcated as a methodical assortment of EHR or electronic health data regarding distinct patients or even populations. It is a system to record the data of the patients in digital layout, ...
Healthcare Communication
Healthcare Communication Healthcare Communication Healthcare Communication Introduction Communication is an important aspect of an organization, regardless of the field that it is used in. Interactive communication between individuals is something that may only be obtained through spoken words or other means. In order for communication to occur, there is always a need for ...
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