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Essay on Movies

Writing arts movies essay is not an easy task as the student has to depict all the aspects of a movie in essay. The students often write essay on topics for which they don’t get enough research material, this causes them to end up with bad grades. This section of Researchomatic helps its users to get the best research material on arts movies essay for even the most antiquated movies topics.

Linsanity Introduction The document talks about Linsanity, which is short real life documentary based on an Asian American Basket ball player Jeremy Lin. Evan Jackson Leong has directed this film elucidating several aspects of the struggle this Asian American sports man had to go through on his road to achievements. The document ...
The Cradle Will Rock
The Cradle Will Rock The Cradle Will Rock is a spectacular dramatic composition that is based on events that took place in the post-Depression period of New York in 1936. The show had an amazing composition and it included the involvement of numerous people, many different cultures and traditions and a ...
Once Were Warriors
Once Were Warriors Introduction Once Were Warriors came in the year 1994, the film was based on the bestselling novel of Alan Duff. The movie is about the story of urban Maori family-the Hekes and the issues that this family faced. The issues that this story tells include domestic violence, alcoholism, and ...
The Groundhog Day
The Groundhog Day The Groundhog Day The title of the film 'Groundhog day' refers to a festival held annually in various populations of America and Canada on February 2. The film focuses on Phil Connors, a cynical TV weatherman, narcissistic and bitter, who has been commissioned to make a note about ...
Roles Of The President
Roles of the President Roles of the President Introduction The President of the United States is often referred to as the most powerful man in the world. Domestically, its influence is limited by the checks and balances of government, Congress and Supreme Court. However, his responsibilities also include ensuring national security as the ...
Culture Essay
Culture Essay [Name of the institute]Culture Essay According to Stephen Roberts: “Culture is the framework in which we communicate” The above adage suggests that culture provides us impetus to create something and to behave and drive us to reflect various elements of it. The movie “Slumdog millionaire” is a reflection of various elements of ...
Film Analysis
Film Analysis Film Analysis Summary The Avengers is the movie about the team of superheroes. The five superheroes include Captain America, Iron man, the Incredible Hulk, Black widow and Thor, who were combined into a team by the intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D (Fandango, 2012). The goal of the team was to protect the earth ...
Gladiator Gladiator Introduction “Gladiator was an example of the profit-oriented, collaborative filmmaking that tends to dominate mainstream film production in Hollywood” (Raw, 2009, p.140). This is an Epic historical film based on the Roman soldiers and their sacrifices for their country. The film is directed by Ridley Scott and the main cast ...
Die Hard
Die Hard Die Hard Introduction This essay is based on Die Hard movie analysis. Die Hard is a visual extravaganza of action, but with a virtually nonexistent story. At 25 years of the release of the popular action franchise "Die Hard" starring Bruce Willis in the beloved role of Detective John McClane, a ...
Good Night And Good Luck
Good Night and Good Luck Good Night and Good Luck “Good night and good luck” is a film about the degradation of information systems, and the subordination of political power for the violations of human rights. The film was directed by George Clooney in 2005. Edward R. Murrow, a famous journalist and ...
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