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Research Papers on Biology

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms. It is further divided into botany and zoology. Students of biology are likely to be asked to submit biology research papers when they are at higher levels of school or college. Therefore, Researchomatic has provided a platform from where students can easily get access to thousands of biology research papers.

Genetic Screening
Genetic Screening Abstract The concept of the paper pertains to the significance of genetic screening to parents, with regard to, personality development of children. The paper speaks of “necessity of genetic screening to get to know personality flaws of the child”. This aids the parents in behavioural shaping, as well as, drafting ...
Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic Fibrosis Abstract Cystic fibrosis is a severe hereditary ailment which mostly distresses the pancreas and lungs, but is capable of involving more appendages together with sinuses and nose, liver, organs of reproduction and glands of sweat. Usually, the warning signs of cystic fibrosis come about in early years of infancy. ...
Cells (Biology)
Cells (Biology) Cells (Biology) Introduction A cell is the smallest living unit of all organisms. There are two types of cells (i) unicellular, consisting of a single cell and (ii) multicellular organisms, where several cells are connected to a functional unit and they form a tissue. The human body consists of hundreds ...
Relationship Between Evolutionary Theory And Modern Genetics
Relationship between Evolutionary Theory and Modern Genetics Introduction The idea that life on earth was developed through an evolutionary process which was widely discussed around the world between the late seventeenth and early nineteenth centuries. The purpose of this paper is to study the relationship between evolutionary theory and modern genetics. Discussion Modern Genetics ...
Treatment Of Pulmonary Air Embolism With Hyperbaric Oxygen And Isoproterenol In Rats
Treatment of pulmonary air embolism with hyperbaric oxygen and isoproterenol in rats Treatment of pulmonary air embolism with hyperbaric oxygen and isoproterenol in rats Objective To study the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with a combination of isoproterenol for treatment of pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary air embolism is the lodging of air bubbles ...
Bronchitis Bronchitis Introduction Most of bronchitis is contracted due to virus or bacteria, transmitted from person to person through the breath. In winter, with the windows closed, it is easier that the air of the environment is loaded with germs. In addition, the excessive heating of the environment dries the air, making ...
Genus Ephedra
Genus Ephedra [Name of Instructor]Evolutionary lineage of Steinheim snails Introduction Instant cracking of lineage of fossils, numerous paleontologists have defined a significant quantity of events wherein, a singular family abruptly divides in to two evidently separated genuses. The stein hem snails are one of those cases. Steinheim am Albuch lives in the center ...
Stem Cell
Stem Cell Table of Contents Background information3 Embryonic Stem Cells4 Adult Stem Cells10 Conclusions15 References15 Stem Cell Background information 1. Where did stem cells originate, and how did they come to surface has a medical advancement? Stem cells are originated from two major sources i.e. the adult tissue and the embryos. The research and use of stem cell has remained ...
Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used As A Weapon?
Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon? Biological Weapons: Could Smallpox Be Used as a Weapon? Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant material relating to the analysis of Biological Weapons. As the name suggests, biological weapons are made of ...
Drinking Water And Sanitation
Drinking water and sanitation Drinking water and sanitation Introduction We live on the blue planet, and water plays an essential role in the life of humans, animals and plants. But only the smallest part, 0.3% of global water reserves are used as drinking water and it's just this small part which has been ...
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