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Research Papers on Biology

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms. It is further divided into botany and zoology. Students of biology are likely to be asked to submit biology research papers when they are at higher levels of school or college. Therefore, Researchomatic has provided a platform from where students can easily get access to thousands of biology research papers.

Genetically Modified Microorganisms
Genetically Modified Microorganisms Genetically Modified Microorganisms Introduction Genetic modification (GM), also acknowledged as “recombinant- genetic material expertise”, was first employed in the year 1970. It is one of the most recent techniques to bring in new qualities to microorganisms, plant life and flora and fauna. This tool has so far mainly been ...
Changes In Dna May Become Cancerous
Changes in DNA May Become Cancerous Changes in DNA May Become Cancerous Introduction Cancer is the 3rd most common cause of death all around the world after infections and heart diseases. It is the 2nd most common cause of causalities in US and approximately 23% deaths cause by cancer in US. Breast ...
Stem Cell Research
Stem Cell Research Stem Cell Research Introduction The debate over stem cell research has indeed been a long and seemingly endless one. There is much controversy surrounding stem cell research. Advocates of the technology identify it as a breakthrough in scientific achievement - one that could very well turn out to be the ...
Physiology Of Human Body
Physiology of Human Body Physiology of Human Body Introduction The paper presents human body an organism that has physiologically evolved to become suitable to its environment. The paper discusses various organs and structures of the human body with the help of a labeled diagram to illustrate physiology of the human body and significance ...
Animal Testing
ANIMAL TESTING Animals Should Not Be Used in Scientific Testing Animals Should Not Be Used in Scientific Testing Introduction Animal testing for various purposes has been around since ancient times. The testing was primarily used for entertainment purposes and for studying anatomy (Shevelow, 2008). The earliest known record on testing in animals dates ...
How The Body Produces And Uses Energy
How the Body Produces and Uses Energy Abstract Energy — all human beings require it, they all use it, and need a steady supply for physical movement. There are many diverse definitions of what energy is, but the one most acknowledged in the exercise discipline world is, “the capability to carry ...
The Molecular Mechanism Of Antigenic Variation
The Molecular Mechanism of Antigenic Variation [Name of the institute] [Course code] Abstract Antigenic variation is an immune response generated strategy and has explored with respect to the viral, bacteria, protistans pathogens, and other diverse group of eukaryotic microorganisms. However, in African trypanosome, this antigenic variation is based on the changes in the composition ...
GONORRHEA Gonorrhea Sexually Transmitted Infection: Gonorrhea Introduction The medical care system of America is greatly concerned for the problems related to the diseases and infections spread through sexual intercourse. Awareness programs and treatments are being done in order to prevent further spread and to help patient already suffering from the sexually transmitted infections. ...
Aerobic And Anaerobic Cellular Respiration
Aerobic and Anaerobic Cellular Respiration Introduction The respiration process begins with breathing, as the fresh air is drawn through the diaphragm into the lungs. Dort findet der Gasaustausch statt und die Roten Blutkörperchen(LKW des Blutes) laden CO2 ab und O2 auf. During this process there occurs a gas exchange between red blood ...
Pertussis Vaccine Of Whooping Cough
Pertussis Vaccine of Whooping Cough Abstract Whooping cough is a serious disease, especially for children very young, the cause is a bacterium Bordetella pertussis and is highly contagious. If a child is sick and comes into contact with other children, they run the risk of being infected unless they have been vaccinated. ...
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