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Research Papers on Biology

Biology is a branch of science that deals with living organisms. It is further divided into botany and zoology. Students of biology are likely to be asked to submit biology research papers when they are at higher levels of school or college. Therefore, Researchomatic has provided a platform from where students can easily get access to thousands of biology research papers.

Animal Forensic
Animal forensic Abstract The field of Animal forensics is a growing specialty in the Veterinary medicine which has grown beyond anyone's expectations. It tends to hold many opportunities for research. People abuse and neglect animals to extreme degrees. Animals are stabbed, beaten, shot and starved. Many more animal criminals are caught and ...
Animal Forensics
Animal Forensics Animal Forensics Introduction Forensics is no longer applicable to humans only. In the recent years, animal/veterinary forensics has gained a lot attention and has become an avenue of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) style research and development. The animal involved in a forensic case could play the role of a victim, perpetrator ...
Embryo And Spare Parts
Embryo and Spare Parts Outline Introduction In this section, the researcher will discuss how Embryology deals with the development of the organism in the earliest stages prior to metamorphosis, hatching or birth. The term "embryology" originated from the Greek phrase - em bryo, which means "in the shells”. The embryo or fetus is ...
Trace The Scientific Method In A Primary Research Scientific Article
Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Research Scientific Article Trace the Scientific Method in a Primary Research Scientific Article Introduction Scientific approach is a procedure that draws round a numeral of main beliefs for responding to queries. These values should be employed in a methodical approach to come back with proper ...
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Introduction Lung Cancer is one of the major public health issue in the United States of America. Smoking tobacco is the primary cause of lung cancer; however environmental exposures and family history are also significant risk factors (Howard, 2005). It is the 2nd most widespread ...
Plantain Plant & Fern Plant
PLANTAIN PLANT & FERN PLANT Plantain Plant & Fern Plant Plantain Plant & Fern Plant Plantain Plant Plantains, hybrid bananas lacking male flowering parts, are enjoyed as a staple food source in South America and some parts of Africa. Plantains require warmth to grow, with growth stopping completely at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A ...
Essay Answering Specific Questions For Biology Class
Essay answering specific questions for Biology class Essay answering specific questions for Biology class Question 1 Fruits which have great levels of fructose have a propensity to have power over sweeter flavors as a result forming it contain additional sugar syrup as element of the constituents. Banana for case in point contain ...
Stem Cells
Stem Cells Stem Cells Introduction Stem cell research helps us understand how they are transformed into a range of specialized cells that make us such as we are. Some of the very serious health problems, such as cancer or developmental abnormalities at birth, are the result of problems that occur somewhere in the ...
Forensic Science
Forensic Science Forensic Science Introduction The purpose of this paper is to enlighten and explore forensic science and criminalistics. This paper aims to focus on the systematic process known as forensic science and its significance. This paper also enlightens the usage of forensic science and its importance in providing clarity to the decisions ...
Hosta Plant
Hosta Plant Hosta Plant Science of Hosta Plant The hosta form large clumps that make it a very good ground cover, reaching 20 to 60 cm wide. Undergrowth, Hosta decorata creates real colorful carpets. Its growth may be slow; it comes right into large pots or trays to line the terraces. ...
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