12 Years A Slave

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12 Years a Slave

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The worst plague of recent history of civilizations gained a movie that can be considered definitive. Years a Slave 12 was made ??to leave no doubt that slavery was absurd in the human trajectory. Some have classified him as “The Passion of the Christ of slavery. “ No sense in comparison, but 12 Years a Slave can be a little “softer” than the production directed by Mel Gibson who is completing a decade this year . Still, make no mistake: this is a strong film and that messes with the viewer.


The British Steve McQueen movie is based on a 1853 book written by Solomon Northup, and tells how Northup wanted in New York for two men who offered him a job in Washington. Literate and married, Northup was kidnapped and then enslaved by the title 12 years under various owners. He regained his freedom when a Canadian lawyer, contrary to slavery, the slave could send letters to Northup's wife - initiating a court case that freed him. Slavery officially ended in the U.S. in 1865.

The Background

More than a story about slavery, the film is about a man who struggles to maintain his dignity. Here we have the story of a man who had never been questioned her freedom, until the moment you see thrown into the cotton plantations of the South Northup was born and raised free, was a learned man, with wife and children who played the violin as a professional and spoke English as a lord. That is one of the great insights of the film: one directly providing greater identification of the film spectator, who has many subsidies to imagine, “What would happen if suddenly bring forth out my freedom” Every film is a glimpse into this person ...