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Why Study World History

Why Study World History

Why Study World History


History has its own effective importance. It is seen that people live in the current time and worry about the future. However, history belongs to the study of past, which explains number of ordeals and occasions that help us to plan our present and future. It is the branch of science which explains the students about the different geographical, political, social and cultural features of the past history. Before studying any subject, everybody needs proper justification so it can make person attentive to that theme. The world history describes number of incidents such as economical growth, their culture growth and social stability.


World history is a prominent subject that affections the all humanity. The best part of studying world history provides description about different nations, civilizations and ethnic groups. The study basically emphasizes us to know about what was the world’s past. How it modified? And what nations and civilizations were behind the progress? The study of world history has vast prospectus and mere searching approach, to finding the answers of the questions. By studying world history, we can be aware about the change in humankind since its forefathers entered to life. Most the times a question raises in our mind that what factors makes us special from others or from we migrated or belonged?

World history covers the broad booklet of information. It educates us about the different people around the world and their land. The history puts the light on the unique characteristics of humankind that how their behavior, thought, values, tools of communications and ethics have changed by the time. It is important to focus that historians did not perform hair transplant, design the giant highways or introduce most flying technologies. Although, they did not invent any of the described invention, but no one should forget that concepts belongs to the history. In fact, history is a very useful tool to introduce new devices in the recent times, by taking the ideas from past. It should be noticed that we learn from our past experiences and according to that we plan our present and future. In the same way, World history shares us many experiences and ideas that became the reason of failure at that time, so it certainly makes us aware about the consequences.

The history of world helps young people for international experiences, college studies and energetic participation in civil life. History really aids us to play the role as citizen of both world and for their own homeland. It also educates about the previous leaders, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their country’s people. Their policies and strategies give us the glimpse to modify their rules and implement it according to the present need. History is the wide subject which has deeply dug in number of incidents.


In the concluding part of the paper, we should complement that world history contributes its great part to our cultural literacy. Through world history, we know about different languages and their ...

Project 5

Project 5

Project 5

Part 1

1, what were the most compelling topics learned in this course?

The most compelling topics throughout the course tenure include the history and biography of Benjamin Franklin. The learning of his contributions for American soil is very honoring to discuss and literate about it. Apart from it, another topic also holds the powerful energy is policies of American Immigration. These two topics really helped us out to learn about the core facts of the country land and its importance in the globe.

2 How did participating in discussions help your understanding of the subject matter? Is anything still unclear that could be clarified?

So far everything gave me the crystal clear idea about the history of America, their contributors and some key facts regarding immigration history and current scenario. But one thing is clicking up in my mind that after the incident of September 11, what are the changes acquired and strictness made for immigrants.

3, what approaches could have yielded additional valuable information?

I would recommend reading out the current policies and procedures of American immigration process, and frequent reading of different newspaper articles concerning history. I think these articles occasionally reflect those hidden history which we do not find easily in books. It will be more appropriate if we get the plan paper which includes different occasions of history and have comparison paper on the other side by that we can compare those history events with current similar occasions.

Part 2

1, did the oral history that you conducted change your view of history? How? If not, why not?

Indeed, after being acknowledged with the significance of history, I can comment that history really opens the nerves of our dead brains. It explains about the historical events which we can compare it with current state of affairs. It gave me the best reason to measure the development and changes from history to recent times. Undoubtedly, the importance of history made me realize about the worth of our country land and past sacrifices to better our future.

2, Can the study of modern American history help in understanding and analyzing the present conditions in America and the world?

The study of modern American history do aid us in analyzing the present conditions as currently America is suffering from number of crisis and several junctures that is not bad for the good health of America. In this regard, history defines about the past experiences and gives us learning about the previous misleading and wrong deeds that affect to the economy and culture of America. Every history leaves its patches behind, therefore reading of modern American history makes our understanding for the future conditions and currents happenings of the world.

3, In 30, 40, or 50 years, a younger person may want to interview you for historical perspective. What events would you tell him or her about from your time in history, and what information would you share?

If I would be interviewed by someone, my knowledge will be definitely there to serve ...

Famous Historians

Famous Historians

Famous Historians

Contribution of E.P. Thompson to the study of history

E.P Thompson is one of the greatest historians of all times, whose works on the history of the working class, as published in The Making of the English Working Class (1963), are one of the most successful contributions in the discourse of history.

Contribution of Julia Kristeva to the study of history

The greatest contributions of Julia Kristeva took place in the politics of language and psychoanalysis in which she made great progress with time. She was one of the most famous, Bulgarian-French philosopher, feminist, literary critic and psychoanalyst. She adopted a psychoanalytical approach to the thoughts in poststructuralist school of thought.

Contribution of Leopold Von Ranke to the study of history

Leopold Von Ranke was one of the finest historians of the 19th century, who contended about the cultural developments specific to a region stating that history, in turn, evolves through the development of individual actions. He viewed political power as the main reason behind historical development, mainly called “The father of the objective writing of history”, and “The founder of the science of history”, for the same distinguishing factors of his works and personality.

Contribution of Karl Marx to the study of history

Karl Heinrich Marx (1818 –1883) is one of the greatest historians, who played a clearly significant role in social development, revived the concept of communisms and broadly studied human “evolution”.

Contribution of Michel Foucault to the study of history

Michel Foucault is famous as a historian for his valuable studies on human sexuality and critical appraisals of social institutions. He is a known and recognized name in academic studies since his observations and research on power, knowledge and discourse caused significant impacts on historic fields.

Significance of E.P. Thompson in the study of history

Thompson is a significant historic personality for many profound reasons. He maintained that the working class of the era between 1780 and 1832 was totally based on proletarianization and political repression. His learning and observations in regards to Marxist concept of the working class is a very important aspect that makes his studies greatly valuable.

Significance of Julia Kristeva in the study of history

Whenever structuralist linguistics and semiotics are the subjects under concentration, the name of Julia Kristeva is certainly not ignorable. She carried out great study in the field while analyzing the relationships among language, society, and self with its unitary psychology and sexuality.

Significance of Leopold Von Ranke in the study of history

Leopold Von Ranke was the founder of source-based history, something that is still big a contribution in historic circles. His significance is linked with his observations and research about empiricism, narrative history advantages, and particularly in the field of international politics.

Significance of Karl Marx in the study of history

Karl Marx was undoubtedly one of the greatest socialist thinkers in the nineteenth century. His law on the development of human history and his special law of production on the capitalist production systems are two of the biggest contributions that make him ...