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Intervention On A Commercial Cleaning Business

Intervention on a Commercial Cleaning Business

Intervention on a Commercial Cleaning Business


The contemporary downturn of trade and industry is pushing populace all around the globe into performing by coming out of their comfort zone. Top analysts of economy and other well-recognized businessmen have been considered on several media proclaiming this to be the tremendous chance for daring entrepreneurs to be innovative and creative and to take their businesses into their own hands. Office cleaning business has been considered as a high demanding trade these days. Due to which, several owners of small businesses are doing efforts for handling the different perspectives of their businesses, as there will be an extensive requirement of cleaning services on professional levels. For this purpose, it is necessary to know about the interventions that could help the commercial cleaning business to grow more and more.


Initiating a commercial cleaning business has various advantages over other business orientations. One do not require a huge quantity of finance for starting the business enterprise, since one possibly already possess some of the required equipments. Nothing like other service specialized, any licensing and formal training is not essential, which transforms into a rapid start-up and superior bottom line. The streams of revenue increase with the accumulation of window washing, carpet cleaning and floor polishing services (Watson, 2005).

Prior to keep going further, it must be understood that running and owning a business will not be an easy task but if the business owner seeks out an established system on which he or she can pursue and rely on. Simply then it may produce great outcomes and may fulfill the owner’s expectation regarding financial stability over the long time. The market of Commercial Office Cleaning is hailed as the most profitable market in USA presently. Additionally, it has fabricated continuity and the business owner has a perfect scenario to earn a fit profit each month from the similar customers (Arthur & Steven, 2003).

Here are some critical things that may be regarded as business interventions which if properly followed by the owner, would help him or her in succeeding the Commercial Cleaning business.

Keeping Start-up Capital to the uncovered Requisites

Differently a retail business, a business of Commercial Cleaning would not need a huge amount of capital to initiate with. As an initiation, the owner will require the things as follows: supplies of cleaning, staff of fewer than three (who will be paid at the end of every month), a vehicle to reach to the appointed destinations, and a telephone and internet connection that could permit the business owner for communicating with his or her staff and clients (Gordon, 1999).

For this purpose, it is not required to rent a space or accommodation for office, as one can even work from home (especially in the beginning- after some time the owner can decide to setup a proper office separately). Furthermore, it does not require a vast budget of marketing and even to hold inventories which normally acquires a chunk of starting ...



Culture and international business

Table of Contents


Aims and Objectives3

Research Questions3

Significance of the Study3

Literature Review4


Literature Search6

Data Analysis Method7

Time Scale7

Conclusion……………………………………………………………………………… 7


Culture and international business


The modern era of the business has provided several opportunities for individual to succeed in this environment but there are only few executives that can easily, accomplish all available opportunities without must constrain. For example, executives of the Japanese auto-company are cautiously monitoring the activities of its major competitors that are trying to occupy the larger market portion of the Chinese automobile industry, in addition to this; another example of international opportunity is executive of Chinese planning to increase their market share of their product in across the world (Tyler & Steensma, 1998).

The concept of the globalization, has further widened the scope of business, has changed the magnitude of various executives in broadening the size of the firm, and participates in upcoming new opportunities that are prevailing in the international business market. The major obstacles, that business executive come across is the adopting the culture of the country where they are planning to launch their business activities. Previously the prime concern of international business was ensuring the proper implementation of legal aspect of international country, formation of appropriate organizational structure according to the international structure, and others. However, within last two decades business executive have to understand magnitude of national culture that comprises of (values, belief, and norms) in order to run their business operations. Researchers like ((Tyler & Steensma, 1998) have described that national culture has a vital impact on all business operations. The prime objective of this research is to analyze the importance of culture in effectiveness of international business.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim and objective of this research are as follows

to analyze the concept of culture in international business

to identify the impact of culture in international business operations of the organizations

to analyze the hazards in implementation of national culture in the organization operating in international context

Research Questions

In order to achieve the objectives of this research, researcher has drafted following questions

RQ1: What is national culture in international business?

RQ2: what is the impact of culture in international business operations of the organizations?

RQ3: what are the hazards faced by the executive in implementing national culture in the organanization

Significance of the Study

Increasing concept of international business, in the global business world has provided several opportunities to old and new business executives. Previously business executives were facing the issues of implementation of legal, social; structure the firms according to the country specific requirements. However, in modern era they are facing the issues of incorporation of national culture in business operations mainly because national culture plays a vital role in the effective accomplishment of all business operations. In prevailing circumstances this report aims to understand the concept of the culture in international business, it effectiveness, and hazards that business executives will face in culture incorporations.

Literature review

Business executive while operating in international business are facing an issue that in recent decade has gain phenomenon importance, mainly because of unexpected change in ...

Unit 1 - Challenges And Opportunities In International Business

Unit 1 - Challenges And Opportunities In International Business

Unit 1 - Challenges And Opportunities In International Business


Importance of technology in international business

The emergence of new technologies as well as the emergence of information technology has greatly affected the businesses of the companies. The increase in globalization has also influenced the use of technologies among the companies to conduct their business internationally. The international businesses that involve the businesses – to – business and the business – to – customer have been facilitated by the internet and other technological advances. The internet has provided an effective way to the companies to conduct the businesses internationally while giving many other potential benefits.


The e-commerce has provided many benefits to the business companies. It has assisted many small companies to grow and it has lowered various barriers to the international market.

Advantages of e-commerce and technology

The advantages that are enjoyed by the companies through e-commerce involve the following ((Deresky, H., 2006).

The low cost of doing business

It saves time

More efficient communication

It makes the business processes easy

It reduces the barriers between both companies and customers

Challenges in international business

The use of e-commerce and technologies also provides a number of challenges to the companies. The companies face difficulties in identifying the true needs of the customers in the international market. The cultural and language aspect also comes across as a challenge to the companies. The online business also faces challenges in having the brand name popular in the international market.

Barriers lowered by technology for having opportunities and effective international business management

The use of technologies has also assisted in the international business management. The company can effectively conduct its business while lowering various business barriers. The international business through e-commerce and technology provides great opportunities to the companies. The companies can expand their target market without making heavy expenditures on advertising and marketing upon different media channels. The companies can make their brand names recognized anywhere in the world. They do not have to make investments for the development of physical entities in the international market. Thus, operating the business with the use of technology, costs lower to the companies.

Changes in markets due to technology and new alliances enabled by technology

The technology has also changed the market structures. The customers are increasingly making the use of technologies for getting products and services. The customers have now become technology oriented. The companies are having the opportunities of new alliances due to technology. Most of the small and medium sized companies meet each other over the internet to have the alliances and to operate the business together. This has allowed them to make the potential use of resources and to grow their business in the international market (Deresky, H., 2006).

Potential of firm’s international expansion impacted by technology

With the help of technology, the companies can attain the potential to have international expansion. The company can attract new customers through the internet while reducing the heavy costs of advertising and marketing in the international market. The companies, with the help of technologies have ...