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Switzerland Tourism Policy And Planning


Switzerland Tourism Policy and Planning

Switzerland Tourism Policy and Planning


Much of it centring on the appeals of comparatively pristine natural environments, tourism is one of the largest global industries. Creating added and turnover value for different sectors of the economy and a great many companies through the spending of foreign and domestic visitors, tourism can be understood as an intermediate stage in the production of services (business travel) and goods or as a final consumption by households for holidays. As well as an outing for local residents, increasingly part of coastal holidays for foreign visitors is a visit to Switzerland. Both man-made and natural, given the country’s assets and its exceptional geographic location, Switzerland has long been a tourist destination.

Issues and problems facing tourism in Switzerland

Setting out values of expansion and planning, a self-contained and clear strategy is needed for tourism policy, nowadays. Initiatives stemming from the private sector aimed at backing and stimulating viable together with a genuine programme of encouragement must permit framework circumstances to be set in place, by the latter. Especially as regards promoting tourism, it is very important to offer a hand for co-operation and innovation, therefore.

Not just its environmental and social aims, but also its economic objectives are what tourism can help achieve to a country. The economic and employment growth can get a special beneficial effect, mainly in a nation with a custom like Switzerland, from tourism. The strategic importance of a tourism policy cannot be doubted, in countries with a tradition of tourism. Helping the sector to develop in a positive manner, the intend must be to assure framework circumstances. In tourism marketing and production because of the high transaction costs and market setbacks, needed, in particular are Government incentives.

Institutions in UK

The Tourism Alliance in the United Kingdom deals with the tourism policy and planning in the United Kingdom and its suburbs.


As a destination, to raise the country’s competitiveness, is the prime objective of the new tourism policy, of Switzerland. Which is still relevant, a report dating from 1979, Conception suisse du tourisme, is where the fundamentals of Swiss tourism policy are to be originated in. It has grown to be essential to redesign tourism policy with the economic and technological changes coming in the 1990s though it has handed out as the root of tourism policy for around twenty years.

On 29 May 1996, submitted to the Federal Chambers, “Rapport sur la politique du tourisme de la Confédération”, had outlined the Switzerland’s new tourism policy. Introduced since, have been a number of new instruments and strategies.

Critical Evaluation

Having a noteworthy impact on employment and growth, amongst the Swiss economy’s exporting sectors, Tourism ranks third. For well over a century this country has specialised in this field, and it can be explained by the fact of, tourism in Switzerland, having high level of value added. Only at great expense can be copied, as highly diversified systems, the advantage of competitive tourism centres, which Switzerland ...



Eco-Tourism - A Sustainable Livelihood for Local Inhabitants


This proposal provides the information about the ecotourism and the importance of ecotourism in the preservation of the natural resources and culture. This proposal aims to provide the importance of conducting the research in the field of ecotourism and how it can serve the purpose of reducing the gap between the rich and poor. This proposal also focuses on the significance of saving the environment and its role in attracting the tourists. This introduced the concept of the eco-tourism which helps to bring advancements in the natural resources of the country and also provide various measurements to prevent the ecosystem and natural resources of the State.

Eco-Tourism - A Sustainable Livelihood for Local Inhabitants


Tourism plays a major role in a country’s economy. It is the most important concern for the country to maintain the stable economic and social condition. Tourism provides various means and opportunities to open new fields for business and employment. Most of countries’ economy depends on the tourism and this requires development of the states infrastructure and natural vegetation to attract tourist from all over world. Tourism plays an important role in the socio economic development as well as in the development and progress of the country’s natural location to add more beauty to it. Tourism also played a significant role in the development of the various tourism agencies, tourist guides, governmental and non-governmental private sectors and NGO’s to provide various services for the tourists. There are various hotels and resorts that provide excellent services for the tourists. Tourism not only provides economic sustainability for a country but environmental and cultural preservation as well. Apart from all these important factors, tourism also helps in social issues related to the poverty and inequality (Ashley,2000, p.51). Another important benefit of tourism is that, it provides a sustainable livelihood for the local inhabitants.

Thesis Statement

Ecotourism provides a sustainable means to improve socio-economic development and to provide a sustainable livelihood for the local inhabitants.


Tourism is a very important source for a country to bring advancements in the economy of the country. When tourist visits from all over the world there are more chances for the state’s local inhabitants to provide them different product and services. The tourists are more willing to buy the local products and services. In most of the States people visit these countries just to enjoy those products and services and the natural beauty of the location. The natural vegetation is the most important factor for the State that ensures attraction for the tourists. This requires for a country to preserve its culture, history and natural environment as these are the most important elements that attract the tourists from all over the world. This introduced the concept of the eco-tourism. Ecotourism has become the most important concern for the economist to bring advancements in the social and environmental system of the State.

Research Problem

The main concern for this research is to look for the importance of ecotourism in providing the ...



Contemporary Issues in Tourism


Contemporary Issues in Tourism


It is necessary to take some time for holidays after spending a year or quarter under work and life pressure. Some people do not normally think about going on holidays. There could be several reasons for this issue. The main reason is the lack of sufficient amount that could be spent during the holidays. McCabe (2009) considers this issue and provided several facts and figures related to the topic in ‘who needs a holiday? Evaluating social tourism’ (McCabe, 2009).

This research was published in 2009 in the journal Annals of Tourism research. It basically discusses the need for holidays for working class and other people in the society in order to refresh their mind from the hectic routine of work. According to the author, this practice is necessary for getting motivation towards work and providing productivity to the country and the world. This paper discusses the research findings of McCabe in the stated research paper (McCabe, 2009). It provides a critical analysis of the factors identified by the author. The paper evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented by the author in the research paper. A thorough discussion and review of the key points is presented in this paper.

Summary of Key Points

The key points presented in the paper related to holidays and its benefits include the prospects of tourism, role of tourism in benefitting individuals and the society, scope of social tourism and the public policy debates related to the tourism. Following is the detail of these key points presented in the paper.

This research finds evidences of the prospects and importance of tourism in the short term. The author has provided some ideas that represent the importance and a positive prospect of the tourism. According to the universal declaration of human rights as discussed by McCabe ‘everyone has the right to leisure and the rest, including limitation of working hours and paid holidays that should be offered periodically’. Another article in the universal declaration of human rights justified by McCabe presents this concept as, ‘everyone has the right to leave any country, including their own, and to return to their country’. The importance of tourism is supported by McCabe in the article, ‘who needs a holiday? Evaluating social tourism’. McCabe suggested that tourism is an important activity to the life of societies because it directly affects the cultural, social, economical and literary industries of sovereign nations and it strengthens the interrelationship among the countries. If people have access to travel to and from their country for the purpose of tourism and relaxation then it would provide economic growth to both countries (McCabe, 2009).

The author regards tourism as a social policy concern. He points out the fact that, for working class people, holidays brings a significant break. It also provides social and medical benefits to the people living in isolated and stressful conditions. It is because of the health problems faced by the people, poor family circumstances ...