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Research Papers on Tourism

Tourism includes recreational activities in which people travel from one place to another. Finding research material to prepare research papers on tourism is no more difficult for the individuals. Here, in this section of Researchomatic there are large numbers of data available that focuses on tourism research papers. People can easily get ideas from here to prepare quality research papers.

Tourism [Name of the institute] Abstract Ecotourism is a responsible visit to a natural area which does not harm or affect the ecological environment and social norms. It preserves the natural beauty without affecting life style or norms and traditions of that area. In this paper, we will discuss the concept of ecotourism, ...
Inventory Management System
Inventory Management System Abstract The importance of inventory system for the management of the inventory of any business or an organization is crucial to the bottom line of that business. This paper provides a detailed analysis of inventory management system along with the associated costs, benefits and types of inventory management system. ...
Running Header: Eco-Tourism eco-Tourism - A Sustainable Livelihood For Local Inhabitants
Running Header: ECO-TOURISM Eco-Tourism - A Sustainable Livelihood for Local Inhabitants Table of Contents Abstractii Introduction1 Thesis Statement1 Background1 Discussion3 Role of Tourism3 Positive Impacts of Tourism3 Negative Impacts of Tourism5 Reason of Choosing Ecotourism8 Conclusion13 References15 Abstract Tourism plays a major role in a country's economy. It is the most important concern for the country to maintain the stable economic and social ...
Destination Management: Quebec City
Destination Management: Quebec City Destination Management: Quebec City Tourism is a dream factory. Destinations are the theaters where the dreams of the tourists come to life. These dreams are wrapped in issues as unified and managed events. (Keller) Introduction For years, the idea has caught on that tourist destinations can be managed in a ...
Wildlife Tourism Sites In Australia
Wildlife Tourism Sites in Australia Wildlife Tourism Sites in Australia Overview of the Study Australia is a land rich in wildlife many species in the region are strictly endemic. There are more mammals in the country than in any other place in the world and many different species of marsupials, from carnivorous Tasmanian ...
Destination Analysis
Destination Analysis Destination Analysis ABSTRACT This research paper discuses the basic information about Jamaica as a destination point for tourism. There is a brief historical overview of Jamaica and the reasons that attract tourists. There is also information about the infrastructure and hotels with suggestion for future growth in tourism. Table of Contents ABSTRACTii Introduction1 Discussion1 Reasons to ...
Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism Introduction Tourism has been one of the most prominent and high-profile industry to exist on the face of the earth. Travelling, leisure, recreation, all have been significantly associated with tourism since people visits different places, exploring all sites and sounds to satisfy their innate need for adventure and peace at ...
Lifestyle In The State Of Australia
Lifestyle in the state of Australia Abstract In this study we try to explore the concept of how life exists and continues to grow in the state of Australia in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is what makes the lifestyle of Australia so unique and different and that ...
PROJECT Project Project Part A Preparation and attendence Preparing the workshop has been a good help to slightly understand the following points that we all went through in the workshop, knowing in advance what is and what is not right when working as a part of a team and how to go to the point ...
Strategic Plan
STRATEGIC PLAN Strategic Plan Strategic Plan Introduction In the past 10 years, the fast food industry has expanded rapidly and on a massive scale that has encompassed and impacted every person in several ways. The factors that must be considered, pertaining to the field of businesses which are related to food, will all been ...
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