Frequently Asked Questions

What is Researchomatic?

Researchomatic is the world´s largest e-library containing more than 4 million research-based topics that help students of all academic levels to write quality essays, term papers, research papers, theses, assignments and dissertations.

Is sign-in mandatory to access the e-library?

No. You can gain access to unlimited research-based topics through Search option without signing in.

Does Researchomatic offer all major citation styles?

Yes. You can cite your references in all citation styles used by a majority of institutions and other publication agencies. Our Citation Generator option produces your citation in all major styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Cambridge, AP, ASA, etc.

What kind of research material is available in Researchomatic’s e-library?

In Researchomatic’s e-library, you will find millions of top-quality Essays, Term Papers, Research Papers, Theses, Dissertations and Assignments on more than thousand subject areas.

Does this e-library contain topics from all fields?

Researchomatic offers research-based topics on thousands of subject areas. You can search your desired topic in any field—arts, sciences, business, entertainment, history, technology, and a lot more.

How can I purchase a Research Topic?

You can buy a single Premium Research Topic by paying a nominal fee. This fee may vary from topic to topic, depending upon the size, word count & quality of the research material. Also note that the No. of pages mentioned per research topic have been calculated for a standard font style: Arial & font size:12 with double line spacing.

Can I copy Researchomatic’s research material as it is in my academic projects?

No. Researchomatic discourages any act with constitutes plagiarism. We offer the latest research topics to students, which serve as great research help for them. You are strongly advised not to use Researchomatic’s content word for word in your academic projects.

What are the contact points of Researchomatic?

You are welcome to post any queries, comments, or feedback on Contact Us page. You can also interact with other Researchomatic’s members by joining us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, BlogSpot and Word Press.