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Research Proposal On “management Of Technology”

Research Proposal on “Management of Technology”

Research Proposal on “Management of Technology”


This research proposal is intended to describe the Management of Technology. The leadership, Maxwell’s Laws of leadership, and the application of leadership in the technology management will also be highlighted in this proposal.

Problem Statement

Management of technology is a very critical issue in the area of technology. The effective management of technology also requires the appropriate application of the leadership.

Thesis Statement

The application of leadership and Maxwell’s Laws of leadership plays a very vital role in the effective and successful management of technology in any organization.

Purpose of the Research Project

The purpose of this study is to analyze the needs and requirements of effective technology management, and the need of the leadership in the technology management. This study will cover the procedures and measures which can be adopted by the managers of technology to exploit the leadership, and particularly the Maxwell’s Laws of leadership. The main purpose of the technology management is to increase competitiveness of an organization through targeted technology innovation to improve market position and ultimately achieve sustainable profits.

Value of the Research Project

The application of the leadership principles to the area of technology management aims to synchronize all the processes of the technology and services from the management perspectives. We intend to apply the Maxwell’s Laws of leadership because these are the most popular, easily understandable even by those who have very less knowledge about the leadership, and easy to follow and adopt.

Literature Review

Technology Management is a set of analysis tools and processes used for decades by industries in the world to develop their activities efficiently. Its implementation has allowed achieving efficient production processes aimed at continually improving its structure and adapt to external changes effectively. Technology leadership is a strategic success factor for organizations. It requires continuous innovation and adaptability to make an organization the industry leader. The technology leadership often goes with innovative leadership through product innovation associated with a leading innovator in the development of new products aimed at technology leadership but pursuing the goal of producing the best possible product. The concept of leadership in technology management always depends on the definition of the reference system (Treat, 2011).

The strategic purposes of blending leadership with technology management include: long-term corporate security, sustainable competitiveness, optimization of structural design and the socio-technical system design, optimization of the technology portfolio, and innovation and effectiveness of technology use. The operational strategic purposes include: continuous process of innovation management, optimization of process organization, efficient implementation of the product range, and optimizing the performance and cooperation among staff and managers (Treat, 2011).

The management of technology is not just a good archiving and classification of information as technical descriptions, explanatory leaflets, literature, and technology diagrams, but it also include the knowledge and experiences of people who work as employees in a company. Knowledge and experiences are generated optimally only in a multidisciplinary collaboration, in harmony with the environment and with the technological strategy of the company (Treat, 2011).

Research Procedures and Techniques

The research will use qualitative ...

Technology Management

Technology Management


This paper will look at the field of technology management and compare it to conventional management techniques and principles. The difference in practice and decision making will also be briefly looked at. Furthermore, the paper will go through investments, time based strategies, make or buy decisions and patent strategies as it will conclude with a brief summary.

Technology Management


Technology management is combination of knowledge and practice, a system related to the complex processes of creation, development, transfer and use of technology. Often, this system is seen as a collection of methods for managing systematic application of knowledge processes, extending the range of human activities. Others considers technology management  as being composed of engineering, sciences and disciplines of management, to plan, develop and implement technological capabilities in the design and achievement of objectives a strategic and operational organization. It is the organization of knowledge, consisting of concepts and propositions about relationships between these concepts, models and theories about the processes of decision making and implementation of actions related to technologies, organizations, companies, countries and regions (Hubbard, 1982).

However, technological management is not merely a speculative field with respect to knowledge about technology and its development. It is information and its manipulation from the analysis and interpretation of the observations of the behavior of technological development. The results of these observations, and their relationship to the process of overall development of societies in the markets at hand, are also quite important.


“Technology management is a vital part of businesses, and when worked with using traditional business techniques, can escalate a business into the top echelon with respect to its competitors.”

Technology Management Principles Utilized in Technology-Intensive Organizations

Technology management companies implement a set of practices that allow you to set a strategy in the field of technology, consistent with its business plans. In the business environment, technology management reveals the plans, policies and strategies for technology acquisition. The techniques also use development of technology as well as innovation as the core development strategies of the business. The initiation of a plan is to apply the following technological management principles (Kangas, 2003).

InventoryTechnologies are used to collect information that is available worldwide. This means, knowing the specific technologies used and those that are dominated by rival and competitor companies.

WatchThe term ‘watch’ means being alert to the evolution of new technologies, systematize the sources of information of the company and monitor competitors technology. The organization, and the management to be specific, must then identify the potential impact of technological change on the activities of the company.

AssessThe organization must determine competitiveness and technological potential. They must explore innovative strategies and identify opportunities for technology alliances.

EnrichAt this stage it is crucial that the said organization design strategies for research and development, prioritize emerging technologies and key peripherals, define a strategy of acquiring foreign equipment and technologies, agree on the definition of project, sets or alliances and finally determine strategy of funding for projects.

AssimilateAfter the organization has reviewed the above steps, it should assimilate and act towards the systematic exploitation of technological potential through acts such as programs for training, documentation of business technologies, development of applications derived from generic technologies and ensure efficient management of resources.


Finally, the organization must protect the busines ...

Technology Has Gone Too Far

Technology has Gone Too Far

Technology has Gone Too Far


Over the past few years, the dependence of our society on technology has increased in an unquestionable manner. The fact that technology has made our lives easier can never be denied, the benefits that it has given to us such as high speed internet connection, along with an unlimited access to all the facilities of the world with just one click. Technology has now become so extremely fundamental for us now that we will be astray without it in our lives.

I do not think that technology has gone too far, although there is no denying the fact that there are some sides of technology that has become highly controversial, even after that there are a large number of technological advancements that has helped us a great deal in leaving an easier life as compared to the previous times. Today, because of advancements in the field of technology people are living a much easier, longer, and healthy lives. There could be a time when science one day may cross the line from beneficial to detrimental if the people living in the society ignore the morals in order to formulate more scientific advances (Baggallay, 2011).


In my opinion science and technology has not gone too far at all. We have just entered into the generation filled with technological advancements, and yet we have a long way to go. In this generation technology and science both go hand in hand, both of them inspire each other, advancements in one filed automatically leads towards in another field. However, these progressions in the field of technology are immense and the only question that is posed in front of us is that How far is too far? I think that technology have gained great lengths in the past, and it will continue to do so in the coming generations, there will be a time when the companies will be looking to invest large amount of money in the process of developing new technologies, which will enhance the life style of the human beings. People today rely on technology more than they ever were before; this is the main reason why such development will continue to happen in the coming future. In the next few decades the advancements in technology will continue to prosper until and unless they reach a certain point where it benefits no longer outweigh the consequences associated with it (Lorenzo, & Jessica, 2011).


The discoveries in the file of technology can never go too far because of the fact that human beings use all these discoveries that counts. Most of these discoveries have bought an immense amount of benefits for the human beings. New technology has been helpful in curing and preventing certain life threatening diseases, along with that it has helped people to accomplish things and make discoveries which previously were not possible.

Technology can only go too far if it used as a replacement for the human beings in the society, anything is ...