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Research Papers on Technology

All technology students are required to write research papers multiple times in their educational tenure. This also requires much review of the past literature for a proper understanding of the topic. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with a wide range of research papers on technology and related topics to support and assist students in getting quality literature for secondary data.

Artificial Intelligence In Robotics: Their Applicability And The Future Players
Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Their Applicability and the Future Players Abstract In this era of automation and mechanization, problem solving and completion of our daily chores has been relatively simplified. However, these machines and gadgets do not possess any analytical capability. In order to reduce human effort, more sophisticated technology is being ...
Three Brands Of Veterinary Software
Three Brands of Veterinary Software [Name of the Institute] Three Brands of Veterinary Software Introduction The purpose of this paper is to review three different types of software that use veterinary medicine. Moreover, this paper will analyze the pros and cons of veterinary management software of three mentioned brands. Several veterinary hospitals and clinics ...
Factors to Consider while Selecting High Technology Options
Phase 2 Discussion Board Phase 2 Discussion Board Factors to consider while selecting high technology options There are several factors that affect the decisions of an organization regarding selecting high technology options or not. The financial attractiveness of the different high technology options are evaluated by finding out the payback period of each ...
Catalyst Control Centre Software
Catalyst Control Centre Software Catalyst Control Centre Software Introduction AMD employs novel software called Catalyst Control Centre Software to maneuver several functions of the hardware including; video options, monitor controls, and 3D settings. It displays a short 3D preview and facilitates the users in observing the way changes in the graphical settings impact ...
Awareness of Employees Related to the IT Security within their Organization
Questionnaire Survey Questionnaire Introduction This questionnaire will be designed for conducting employee's survey in an organization. The main purpose of conducting survey is to analyze the awareness of employees related to the IT security within their organization. This survey will help in identifying the need of training of employees related to the awareness ...
Databases Databases Introduction Relational database is considered as database that has a number of various tables of different items. There are a number of benefits of relational database that is directly associated with the success of any process. Normalization is another major process that is being used for normalizing the data. The process ...
Information Technology
Information Technology Statement of Purpose Information Technology (IT) consists of some of the most rapidly growing employment field in the county today. Information Technology specialists are sorely needed in almost every field of enterprise. Purpose and Scope of work The purpose of this report is to determine career opportunities. The report will ...
Recent Surge in Scheduling Apps
ENGINEERING - TECHNOLOGY Recent Surge in Scheduling Apps Recent Surge in Scheduling Apps Introduction The increased use of smartphones has allowed companies working with the development of technology to begin to think of tools and applications in order to facilitate the daily lives of citizens, such as urban mobility. One of these solutions is ...
Strategic Analysis of ITV PLC
ANALYSIS Strategic analysis of ITV PLC Abstract ITV plc is an integrated producer broadcaster and a leading commercial television network having its headquarters in London, UK. It run an array of family channels and also provides direct material for the consumers via numerous portals. It also focuses on online advertising and generates ...
Management Information System
? Management Information System Executive Summary Management information system (MIS) is of the most effective and efficient tools for today's business. It is because of the reason that, MIS allows the organizations to control or manage their work flow, information flow as well as their communication practices. The present study explores an ...
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