Management Information System

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Management Information System

Executive Summary

Management information system (MIS) is of the most effective and efficient tools for today's business. It is because of the reason that, MIS allows the organizations to control or manage their work flow, information flow as well as their communication practices. The present study explores an idea that, how the MIS has facilitated Tesco PLC in managing and maintaining the integrity of their information, as well as the information of their customers, internal and external stakeholders and their shareholders. All the aspects and features are clearly demonstrated in the study. This study may greatly help in understanding the organizational processes and flow of information of Tesco PLC. Management Information System


Technology has brought various changes and innovations in the lives of people. Technological development has allowed the people to perform their tasks in a more convenient and effective way. Therefore, technology has great influence on every field of life including education, healthcare, medicine, business etc. Recent studies and researches demonstrate that, large number of organizations and businesses are focusing on the implementation of efficient technologies, in order to get their predetermined goals and objectives. In the current era, management information system is considered as one of the most innovative and efficient approach which is helping the organizations and businesses in achieving their pre-defined goals. MIS (management information system) is referred as the computer based approach that offers various tools and techniques to the managers of the organizations to evaluate, organize and effectively manage their work operations as well as their departments. MIS may incorporate efficient software that may enable the managers to take effective decisions. Furthermore, MIS may also include various resources of data like databases, DSS (decision support system), hardware resources, applications of project management and people management as well as any computerized or automated processes that allow the organization to run effectively. All these resources may aid the organization in having present and past information of an organization. Furthermore, it may also help in predicting the future scenarios of business operations. Therefore, MIS may greatly help organizations and businesses in ensuring smooth and hassle free organizational processes (Hemmatfar,, 2010). The proceeding paper incorporates the idea of information systems that are used in the organizations, in order to manage and control their business operations. The company which will be analysed in the study is “Tesco PLC”. Brief and precise over view of the selected organization is also incorporated in the proceeding discussion.


Brief Over-View of an Organization- Tesco PLC

Tesco PLC is considered as one of the well-known and leading British multinational general and grocery stock retailers, which are established in United Kingdom. Tesco PLC is considered as the 2nd biggest retailers around the globe measured by revenues (after WalMart). This grocery retailing organization has approximately fourteen stores across North America, Europe and Asia and is considered as the leader of grocery market in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. Tesco PLC offers the retail of diversified products. These products may include music downloads, DVD rental, internet ...
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