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Literature Through The Eyes Of Faith By Susan Gallagher & Roger Lundin

Literature through the Eyes of Faith by Susan Gallagher & Roger Lundin

Literature through the Eyes of Faith by Susan Gallagher & Roger Lundin

The book “History through the eyes of faith” has been written by Susan Vanzanten and Roger Lundin. The main sponsor of this comprehensive book is the Christian College Coalition. This book contains the answers of different concepts which are necessary for the students of literature. In this book the author has discussed the concept of literature as a form of human action and makes arguments that it is necessary to get the knowledge about the literary works because it helps in gaining the knowledge about the ways in which human beings act as the responsible agents in the world of God. Susan Vanzanten is the English professor and Director of University Scholars at Seattle Pacific University. On the other hand Roger Lundin is the Blanchard Professor of English at Wheaton College. The first concept which has been discussed in this book is the doctrine of creation (Susan 1989). The second main concept discussed in this book is the role of the literature in conveying the religion. The third concept which has been importantly described in this book is the concept of objective theory which is helpful in determining the role of literature and faith.

The first concept which has been discussed in this book by Susan and Roger is the concept of doctrine of creation. Susan and Roger have defined the concept of Doctrine of Creation in a very well manner. By making discussion on the concept of the doctrine of creation the author has discussed the ways through which the reading of literature is helpful in effectively creating the stories and the images which are faced in every day basis. The author has also presented the demonstration of the great works of literature which had become helpful in the clear understanding of God and religion.

The second concept which has been discussed by Susan and Roger in this book is the concept of the role of the literature in conveying the religion. The authors have clearly defined the role of the literature in the depiction of the religion (Eliot 1975). According to the author, the literature has been taken as the primary vehicle for the purpose of understanding the religious truths. They have also emphasized that it is not only for the biblical writers but also for the non-biblical writers. They have further emphasized that the role of the initial surviving literature is more in the proper understanding of the religion.

Lastly, the authors have provided the concept of objective theory for the purpose of defining the literature in the eyes of faith. By describing the objective theory, the authors have described the role of the literature in the Christian faith. The authors have given the reference of different theorists for the purpose of describing the Christianity belief and the rise of literature. Thus, the proper description of the objective theory has served to be the ...

Ancient World History

Ancient World History

Ancient World History


The medieval literature is a vast area of literature that covers the certain subject under it. It involves various important written art works that are presented in the territory of Europe and other ancient areas during the era of middle ages that involves thousands of years back of Western Roman Empires in the late of fifteenth century.

The literatures of that historical ancient time were developed on the basis of the religious aspects and in the basis of secular literature arts. In the literatures of modern culture we see many studies that have the touch of ancient cultural views. The western and eastern culture of ancient times is difficult to understand in the simple contexts. Many writers have written down the literature in wide range describing the time and the social, cultural and historical aspects of ancient times. The literatures from the writers has been involved the characteristics of the ancient languages as well its types have also been discussed that were meant to be in the ancient civilization.

The period of the medieval age was unsympathetically held out by the Renaissance analysts who have viewed in detail the middle aged period of that era that reflected the cultures and socio economic modes of the ancient Greek and Roman culture history as well as the classical historical aspects that were approached by them in dealing with the matters. The literatures actually present the view of classical culture. Almost all the literatures have discussed the problems related to the faith at that time that existed and the extent to which the ancient civilization had the knowledge to understand the individualistic problems.


In the 19th and 20th century, important contributions have been made in moving the western literatures toward the modernization period while keeping in view the development of religious aspects in the societies of Western cultures.

The literature works have the important pieces of work. Two of them are discussed below:

Literature work

The literature work has been presented in such a way by many scholars that have represented the history. The works are presented by in the form of novels, plays and in many different ways that represents the Western and Asian cultures. Two of the classic literatures are defined below that are presenting the ideas of the authors who view the values of the culture, society and history in their own way and the way they reflects their spirits.

The first precious art piece is by the William Shakespeare. He wrote the famous play “Othello”. This work represented the theme of faith, respect and status that is the important part of the society and the culture. The important element that makes the Othello distinctive is the free of doubtful wickedness of the character of its villains. The story of Othello reflected the revenge that was developed in the story characters and that prevailed in the society.

The other literature art work is written by Charles Dickens. He wrote Great Expectations in the middle of 18th century. The story showed and revealed ...

American Literature


American literature

American Literature


American literature (American literature or Literature of the United States) refers to literature produced in the United States (including the founding of the former colonial literature). American literature written in English can be regarded as English literature part. The term American literature refers to the total number of literary works created on the site of the former British colony now belonging to the United States and (after 1776 years) to the literature created in the United States. Due to past colonial and English, which is the dominant medium, an American literary tradition gets closely connected with the tradition of English literature. However, because of the unique features and a wealth of creative, have adopted the American literature dealt with separately. A detailed part of American literature is the work of native U.S. residents (Murphy, 2007).

Thesis Statement

“American literature as a whole is the written or literary work produced in the area of the United States and its former colonies”.


American literature has its beginnings with the arrival of the three caravels of Columbus. True, in the New World civilizations with their own cultures gets well defined. Unfortunately, most of these were eradicated. While some have managed to survive, we deal with in American literature. And all, in one form or another, have influenced our literature of Hispanic America.

The group of amateur writers Connecticut, nicknamed "Hartford (Connecticut or) wit", is known for both individual and collective writings. The founder of D. Trumbull (1750-1831) created the first American satire on the mores of the university environment stupidity Development (1771-1773). Pastoral poem of T. Dwight (1752-1817) of Greenfield Hill (1785) performed a poetic sense. Dzh.Barlou (1754-1812) is remembered as the author's mock-heroic poem Fast pudding (1796), glorifying plebeian American dish made of corn flour. So-called "Knickerbockers" got its name by the name of the historian of the New York Knickerbockers D., who came up with W. Irving. At various times, to the "Knickerbockers" belonged to no less than 20 authors who worked in New York in the early 1800s, including the first three thorough masters of American literature: Irving, poet and Editor William C. Bryant and novelist Dzh.F.Kuper. Figures on a smaller scale - the poets Halleck F. and R. Drake, and novelist Dzh.K.Polding. Satiric gift last brilliantly revealed in anecdotes about John Bull and Brother Jonathan (1812), the evil anti-British allegories on the theme of the American Revolution (Anderson, 1995).

There are certain writers in American literature who charm by their eccentricity as well as by their genius, who are both original and originals. The most eminent, perhaps, of these was Henry D. Thoreau—a man who may be said to have penetrated nearer to the physical heart of Nature than any other American author. Indeed, he "experienced" nature as others are said to experience religion. Lowell says that in reading him, it seems as "if all out-doors had kept a diary, and become its own Montaigne." He was so completely a naturalist that the inhabitants of the woods in which he sojourned ...