Three Brands Of Veterinary Software

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Three Brands of Veterinary Software

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Three Brands of Veterinary Software


The purpose of this paper is to review three different types of software that use veterinary medicine. Moreover, this paper will analyze the pros and cons of veterinary management software of three mentioned brands. Several veterinary hospitals and clinics are making use of Information Technology for their day-to-day operations. Software firms are developing software applications and programs that can be used in these clinics and hospitals for the purpose of use in veterinary medicine. These software applications can improve the performance of these centers by updating inventory details, storing patient's data in electronic storage system, and printing certificates and labels.


Avimark is a leading firm in veterinary management software. It has around 9,500 clinics operating on Avimark (Avimark, 2013). Since 1988, the firm has offered the veterinary industry with a wide range of high quality software. Avimark Veterinary Management Software is one of the best veterinary software across the globe.


This software is extremely user friendly in nature. This software is powerful and robust at a competitive price. It is easily installed and convenient to use. This software is sufficiently scalable for growing with any clinic and sufficiently powerful for managing all practices. This software is backed by an award-winning technical support team. Therefore, a customer can talk to helpful and friendly people for support. Moreover, this software has the ability to import lab results of patients from laboratories to patient records.

Figure 1: Avimark Veterinary Software (Avimark, 2013)


A major drawback of this software is that it charges fees for technical support. However, this fee also covers updates. Office functioning reminders are not provided to the user. This factor makes this product expensive. The limited working hours of technical support and availability of IT specialists makes it extremely difficult to get ...