Information Technology

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Information Technology

Statement of Purpose

Information Technology (IT) consists of some of the most rapidly growing employment field in the county today. Information Technology specialists are sorely needed in almost every field of enterprise.

Purpose and Scope of work

The purpose of this report is to determine career opportunities. The report will research Information Technology career field and look at the areas of Computer Systems Analysts, Computer Support Specialists and Computer programmers.

Sources and Methods of Data Collection

Data collection will start with secondary research, including a review of recently published articles, online, and government sources and databases. Primary research will focus on an interview with a professional working in the IT field, a student or public survey to gain insight and thoughts about the Information Technology profession.

Outline of the Study

Computer Systems Analysts

Projected growth

It was expected that the employment of computer system analysis would grow at a rate of 22 percent from the year 2010 to 2020. This is a faster rate than the average among all the occupations. When the number of organizations in the economy increases, their reliance on the Information Technology results in the hiring of workers to design and install new computer systems. Similarly, the growth in the telecommunication sector would generate a need for the new systems that would be used during the work. The additional number of jobs in the healthcare sector would also take place. The increase is going to occur in the electronic medical records, e-prescribing and other forms of healthcare IT sector. The demand for the analyst would increase in order to design the computer systems. The consulting firms would also require the System Analysts because of the increase in the jobs. They will also have an option to switch jobs to another business firms. Therefore, the projected growth of Computer System Analysis is 43% for the upcoming years.

Median annual wage

In the year 2010, the median annual wage of the Computer System Analysts was $77,740. It is an amount that fifty percent of the employees in this profession earned higher than this amount and other half earned a lesser amount. The lowest category of the employees represented 10% of the total workforce which earned less than $48,360 and the highest category earned more than $119,070. The examples of those industries that have hired Computer System Analysts and the annual median wages paid in 2010 are mentioned in the next page. ...
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