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Relational database is considered as database that has a number of various tables of different items. There are a number of benefits of relational database that is directly associated with the success of any process. Normalization is another major process that is being used for normalizing the data. The process of normalization has a great importance because a number of professionals are using it for many purposes. The physical and logical database design is another major breakthrough in relational database.


Relational Database

Relational database refers to the database that has a set of different table of different data items. A database can be defined as the application that is useful to store and retrieve data from various sources rapidly. Another definition of relational database is the process in which data is stored in the application or database. Moreover, it is very important for the companies to use relational database management system to organize and store data. The data is stored in the form of tables in relational database. This structure is extremely similar to the spreadsheet, and it involves rows and columns. Basically, the relation between different rows and columns resulted into relational database. Each table schema should be identified by a group of column or a single column that is known as primary key. A relationship is possible there that should be established between each column of the table an each row in the table. The relational model also offers a number of different levels of refinement of the organization of table, and its reorganization is known as database normalization. The relational database is also known as database management system. The relational database was proposed by Edgar Codd in the year 1970. Edgar Codd belonged to IBM's research laboratory. Relational database has now become the predominant choice of various different organizations because of its assistance. Hierarchical data model and network model are other database that is being used as the alternative for relational database. A number of security and government organizations are using relational database for various purposes. The major purpose is regarding the collection of data, storage, security, deletion, retrieval, and integrity of the data (Bornea, Dolby, Kementsietsidis, Srinivas, Dantressangle, Udrea & Bhattacharjee, 2013).

Importance of Relational Database

There is a great importance of relational database in different organizations and institutions. The primary purpose of relational database is regarding the storage, retrieval, and management of the selected data. This purpose plays the most important role in the business unit. The first benefit of relational data is regarding the efficient handling of very large data. Various organizations prioritize relational database because it is used to derive out the results of big amount. Relational database also plays beneficial role in the organization of data that is why it is being used widely. There are zero percent chances of errors in this database, and it is considered as the major benefit of this database. All of these benefits have a direct impact over the importance of relational database (Bornea, Dolby, Kementsietsidis, Srinivas, Dantressangle, Udrea & ...
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