Catalyst Control Centre Software

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Catalyst Control Centre Software

Catalyst Control Centre Software


AMD employs novel software called Catalyst Control Centre Software to maneuver several functions of the hardware including; video options, monitor controls, and 3D settings. It displays a short 3D preview and facilitates the users in observing the way changes in the graphical settings impact the quality of the developed image. In addition, it also displays information regarding the software data as well as the card itself. This application necessitates Microsoft .NET Framework.

Catalyst Control Centre Software - Ease of Use

Catalyst Control Centre Software has facilitated AMD in bringing easy customization to the novel platform of 64-bit computing and Windows Vista, to a great extent that has been amongst the competitive advantages of AMD since a long time.

Performance, innovation and stability

The award winning software of AMD - Catalyst Control Centre Software for graphics displays unparalleled visual quality and performance having AMD APUs and AMD Radeon graphics processors.

Industry-leading performance

The driver updates for this software have their focus on the improvement of graphics performance and efficiency in famous game titles.

Innovative and exciting features

The drivers for Catalyst Control Centre Software encompass the delivery of innovative features along with the unmatched control over the visual quality and performance with AMD APUs and AMD Radeon graphics

Robust stability

The drivers for this software are certified by the Microsoft logo on a quarterly basis and they also encompass meticulously tested Linux drivers for the order of delivering incredibly reliable and stable graphics performance (

AMD Catalyst Control Centre Software - under the hood

The drivers for this software provide an absolute and complete solution for the personal computers that run a number of operating systems, counting in; Linux®, Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1®. Also, it supports AMD Radeon™ graphics and APUs for desktops and notebook PCs.

The three main components in the Catalyst Control Centre Software that add to the ease-of-use of the software include; Video Capture Driver, Unified Graphics Display Driver, and the software application. The software application enables the setup of user interface, assessment and configuration of the features in AMD APU and AMD Radeon products.

Unified Graphics Display Driver enables other programs running on the personal computer for using advanced video, graphics, and other features in AMD APU and AMD Radeon products.

Video Capture Driver facilitates the software to record and capture the digitized video from external resources on to the disk drives of the personal computer by means of employing ...