Artificial Intelligence In Robotics: Their Applicability And The Future Players

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Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Their Applicability and the Future Players


In this era of automation and mechanization, problem solving and completion of our daily chores has been relatively simplified. However, these machines and gadgets do not possess any analytical capability. In order to reduce human effort, more sophisticated technology is being adopted continuously. The introduction of artificial intelligence in every discipline of human life defines this never-ending quest for innovation. This further led to the creation of a robot, an artificial agent or structure that functions on the commands and programs fed into its memory. These consist of an implanted system that comprehends and executes commands. The combination of these two different fields has led to the replacement of human brain and thinking capacity by robotic intelligence. This research paper will thoroughly look into this fast-emerging combination, exploring and identifying possible future players of AI robots.

Index Terms— Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Agents, bots, Nano Technology, Medicine.Deep Blue, Ford and more competing to rule the AI Robotics


What is Artificial Intelligence4

Relation between natural and artificial intelligence4

History of Artificial Intelligence4

Origin of Robots5

What is a Robot5

Humanoid Robots5



The Robotic agent6

Applications of AI Robotics6

Artificial Intelligence in Nanotechnology Research6


Artificial Neural network (ANN)7


Artificial intelligence robotics in medical applications7

Rehabilitation Robots in Medicine7

AI Robots n Surgery8

Artificially intelligent Robots in Military8

Aerial Robots8

AI Robot and Deep Blue9

AI in automobiles9

Future developments in robotics9



Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Their Applicability and the Future Players


Innovation done by humans knows no boundaries. If we take a look on how far we have come in the domain of science and technology novelty, we begin to realize that the conceived ideas of the past are now a reality. The immense advancement humans have made in the field of computerized and programmed gadgets would have seemed impossible in the past. One such innovation is the idea behind artificial intelligence. It is being utilized in all spheres of human life, be it science, research, medical, nanotechnology, military, automobile and so forth. This technology was further combined with the science of robotics to enhance its applicability in all domains of human life. The incredible impact this combination has made in our lives is truly astonishing. This paper will provide an overlook on the overall mechanism of artificial intelligence, its applicability in the field of robotics, previous work in the past to comprehend its role and the future players of this combination who are believed to take this technology to its zenith.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a study designed for understanding and building smart entities and structures. This mechanism is aimed to design computational models that can adapt human environment easily and cater to its specific needs. More specifically, this mechanism understands, perceives, predicts and manipulates human surroundings. This phenomenon is better defined as a domain of computer science that is concerned with the mechanization of smart behavioral implementation (3). An alternate definition of artificial intelligence is computational form of human thought practices (5). An entity possessing artificial intelligence must thus be capable of two behavioral properties, thinking correctly and behaving correctly ...