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Term Papers on Technology

Technology is a very vast field and involves many other subjects within. Writing a term paper on technology can be difficult as its subjects need to be properly understood in order to write about it. In addition, students will be required to review past literature to write an effective term paper. Researchomatic therefore, provides its consumers with a wide range of technology topics for review and study.

How The Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa) Affects You
How the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Affects You How the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Affects You Introduction Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a privacy act that is currently pending in the House of Representatives of the US. The law was proposed on 26th October, 2011 and aimed to catch copyright ...
Role Of Women In The Scientific Revolution
Role of Women in the Scientific Revolution Role of Women in the Scientific Revolution Introduction Women have always been effectively contributing in the field of science since earlier times. They are observed to be making great sacrifices for the accomplishment of scientific endeavors. They have faced hurdles in making themselves accepted in the ...
Mobile Application
Mobile Application [Name of the Professor] Abstract The paper aims to provide the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile based application relating to geo-location and customer data and how it uses wireless access to send and receive data and does not use the desktop system and the benefits realized by consumers by the use ...
Technological Future
Technological Future Technological Future Introduction The paper focuses on the technology and its impact on the future. Technology gives new choices for people and it is up to them to live in the technological world and up to the people that what type of society they want to live in. Technology enables new ...
Computers In The Future
Computers in the Future Computers in the Future Introduction The use of computers in various areas of life has been continuously evolving, and is expected to evolve further in future. This paper focuses on the area of mind reading. Mind reading technologies have become an interesting area of interest over the period ...
Flash Memory Versus Magnetic Memory
Flash Memory versus Magnetic Memory Abstract The paper focuses on the difference between flash memory and magnetic storage devices. The paper begins with an introduction, followed by the working of storage devices and benefits of using these storage devices. The paper also highlights future developments being done in the field of storage ...
Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan Disaster Recovery Plan Introduction As the disaster coordinator, the priorities have to be set so that the nature and strength of the disaster could be taken care of before-hand. The preparedness for the critical disaster for the city or any site within it is upon the disaster planners who ...
Quality Management
QUALITY MANAGEMENT Quality Management at XEROX Table of Contents Abstract3 Quality Management at Xerox3 History of Fall4 Beginning of the Change5 Implementation of Changes6 Customer Centric Innovations7 Principles of Quality Management8 Conclusion9 References10 Quality Management at XEROX Abstract To survive and succeed in the changing global business environments of 1980's, many US organizations had to execute change management processes. The changes were ...
Intermodal Transportation Security Technology
Intermodal Transportation Security Technology Intermodal Transportation Security Technology Introduction The last forty years have seen considerable efforts, however integration of transport systems disjoint through intermodality. This concept involves the use of at least two modes of transportation between origin and destination. The phenomenon was made possible in part through technology. The ...
Air Traffic Control
AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL Air Traffic Control (Next Generation) Good Or Bad? Air Traffic Control (Next Generation) Good Or Bad? Abstract Next Generation Air Transportation system (NextGen) of US, is under development phase. The main aim of the system is to replace the traditional radar and voice based aircraft tracking system, with the satellite ...
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