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Research Papers on History

Writing history research papers require a great deal of time and effort, especially while researching. A good research paper should effectively incorporate all the details of a historic event. This section of Researchomatic has a huge database of research material which helps the users to write great history research papers even for the most primordial events.

Counterintelligence From Cold War To The Post-Cold War Period
Counterintelligence from Cold War to the Post-Cold War Period Counterintelligence from Cold War to the Post-Cold War Period Introduction Cold war is a name given to certain period of time in the history in which there was political and military antagonism between powerful states such as Soviet Union and America. The period of ...
Operation Market Garden WWII
Operation Market Garden WWII Operation Market Garden WWII Introduction Operation Market Garden was the code name for an air-to-ground operation of the Allies in the Second World War. They took place between the 17th and the 27th September 1944 in the Dutch provinces of North Brabant and Gelderland (and to a very limited ...
Historical Book Research
Historical Book Research Historical Book Research Introduction This book named, “The life and reign of King Henry the Eighth” by Edward Herbert is one of the very old books. The book has many versions, but the one under discussion here is from the year 1674 and was written and published in London. The ...
Lives Of Slaves
Lives of Slaves Lives of Slaves Introduction Murrin provides detailed analysis of the life of slaves and the hardships they suffered during their life in Chesapeake in 1790 (Murrin,, 2007). These slaves suffered problems mainly due to the racial, social and cultural discriminations. These African Americans had to suffer not only ...
Women At Court In The 16th Century In France And Italy
Women at court in the 16th century in France and Italy Women at court in the 16th century in France and Italy Intorudction In the sixteenth century a group of writers and poets created a close relationship with literature, also producing literary works. Previous literature was exclusively male and was dedicated to ...
Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh Introduction Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-1890) was a Post-Impressionist painter, who painted about 900 paintings, of which 27 are self-portraits, and 1,600 drawings. All his artistic development was affected and limited by their psychotic symptoms. His life was closely linked to his brother Theo, who was a great moral ...
Evolution Of South Africa (1650-1910)
Evolution of South Africa (1650-1910) Evolution of South Africa (1650-1910) Introduction South African evolution has been dominated by the conflicts between various ethnic groups. The region remained under the Dutch control for the 17th century. In 1815, the Cape colony became officially British, as they annexed there. They also sponsored the people ...
1) Impact Of World War Ii On Americans 2) Significance Of Brown Vs. Board Of Education Of Topeka Decision
1) Impact of World War II on Americans 2) Significance of Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka decision Question 1: Impact of World War II on Americans World War II affected many aspects of American life. It impacted the social as well as the economic scenario in the US. One of the ...
Crime In 19th Century Britain
Crime in 19th Century Britain Crime in 19th Century Britain Introduction According to Clive Emsley, crime is a subject that involves people's own perceptions, fears and prejudices. Thus generally involves willingness and eagerness “to pontificate”. This provides background to understand the nature of different crimes and its trials and punishment based on ...
Presidential Reconstruction And Radical Reconstruction
Presidential Reconstruction and Radical Reconstruction The Differences between Presidential Reconstruction and Radical Reconstruction Challenges to the Southern States The Reconstruction Plans that were initiated by Abraham Lincoln and further carried out by President Andrew Johnson reverberated the message of Lincoln's second inaugural address in which he urged not to take revenge on earlier ...
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