3d It Leadership Model

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3D IT Leadership Model

Dell 3D IT Leadership Model


Dell Computer has always been one of the most envied and no marks for its high level of sales, your income increases each year as lightning or large corporate image despite having no stores that offer a personalized service, but to have an IT model based on leadership as a fundamental part of business strategy that bordered on perfection. This paper explores the organizational structure of Dell. Further, it examines the concept of 3D IT Leadership Model and how it has been employed by Dell to ensure success.


History of Dell

The company was incorporated in Delaware in 1987. It was created as a successor company with the brand name of Dell Computer Corporation originally incorporated in Texas in 1984. Company initiated the round of expansions in the year 1993 and formed a new subsidiary in Japan and a new operating unit in Australia by the name of Dell Computer KK and Dell Computer Pty. Limited respectively. In 1998, Dell Inc. formed a joint venture with Newcourt Credit Group Inc (Connor, 1999). The resulting company was Dell Financial Services L.P. This financial company offers leasing and asset management services to its customers. Company's investment represented a 70% ownership interest in the venture. In 1999, the company acquired ConvergeNet Technologies Inc. As per the agreement, the company exchanged 6,900,000 shares of common stock for all the outstanding shares and options of the acquired company. Moreover, it acquired Plural Inc. in June 2002. Dell Inc. completed its acquisition of ASAP Software Express, Inc. in cash in the same year (Holzner, 2006).

Dell closed five acquisitions in Fiscal year 2011. The companies involved include Kace Networks, Inc., Scalent Systems Inc., Ocarina Networks Inc., InSite One, Inc., and Boomi, Inc. In February 2011, it acquired Compellent Technologies, Inc., which offers virtual storage solutions for enterprise and cloud computing environments. Moreover, it also purchased Secure Works Inc., which is a global provider of information security services.

Organizational Structure

The company is run by nine board of directors. The founder of the company, Michael Dell, is designated as CEO and chairman of the board. While, other board members are William Gray, Don Carty, Klaus Luft, Sam Nunn, Judy Lewent, Michael A. Miles, and Alex Mandl. These nine board members are elected by the shareholders at meetings, while those members of the board who do not receive a enough votes are required to resign from the board. However, it depends if the resignation will be accepted or not (Fredman, 2005).

These nine board of directors have set up five committees, which have responsibilities over specific matters. The committees are the Audit Committee; it is responsible to handle all sorts of accounting issues, as well as reporting and auditing; the Compensation Committee, its responsibility is to approve compensation for employees and CEO; the Finance Committee, its responsibility is to handle financial affair, like proposed mergers and acquisitions; the Governance and Nominating Committee, its responsibility is to handle numerous corporate matters and then finally, Antitrust ...