A Cause And Effect: Fast Food

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A Cause and Effect: Fast Food

Thesis Statement

The rise of the fast-food industry transformed American eating habits in the second half of the twentieth century


Fast food plays an important role among city dwellers. Today, people have to live in a hectic and competitive environment. Some people even have to work around the clock to meet both ends. Time scarcity can be a problem for today's society. This idea is illustrated by Jabs (2006) who claims that time scarcity changes the food consumption patterns. People began to decrease the time for food preparation and increased the frequency in the consumption of fast food. The fast food restaurants have their own unique characteristics to cater to the need of today's society. A fast food restaurant is characterized by speedy supply after ordering. The employee will prepare the food in huge quantities in advance and keep warm before selling to the consumer, which reduces the waiting time for consumers. In this respect, the fast food restaurants cater well with today human needs such as convenience and time restriction.

Purpose Of The Paper

The paper will discuss the causes of the fast food diet in the following paragraphs.

Cause and effect: Fast food

In recent years, there were several lawsuits against the fast food restaurants. For instance, Michael Y. Park (2003) of Fox New reported that a 56 years old maintenance supervisor, Caesar Barber, ate at a fast food five times a week. He claimed the fast food cause the health problems. The fatty diet caused him to have obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol which lead to two heart attacks. In addition, Morgan Spurlock, who is the producer of the documentary movie “Super Size Me” in year 2004, showed several lawsuits against the Fast Food restaurants. Several lawsuits failed to convince the judges that fast food ...
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