A Farewell Formal

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A Farewell Formal

A Farewell Formal


I'm an English teacher who through the years has noticed that language is not as it once was. My students are using vocabulary which truly baffles me, and at some times it is very incomprehensible because of the unfamiliarity I have with some of the words they use. It has been quite a gradual change; with new aspects constantly being adjusted such as the semantics of lots of words, but these alterations are certainly is evident day to day.

I have taken quite a descriptivist view to the way my class pupils speak and their vocabulary difference has made quite a positive impression on myself because it means that our spoken language is not set in stone, but is constantly becoming more contemporary with time.

Discussion and Analysis

The students of my class would acquire the capability to utilize language in a conversation from a young age by integrating with their parents and people around them such as careers picking up various social skills, however it is interesting now to see how with age also their vocabulary and socialist changes to suit different situations and environments. What makes these changes interesting is that my student's parents would have encouraged their children to speak Standard English, but it has become evident to me that through their socialization they acquire various other ways of communication which seems a lot more relaxed and less formal as well as the diachronic changes I have noticed too. It also highlights to me that my student's vocabulary is constantly evolving from how they would have spoken from a young age to the present.

Differences in the Use of Languages and Vocabulary

There's a difference in language from how I once spoke when I was their age but their vocabulary also shows ...
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