A Paper And A Letter To State Representative Mn

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A paper and a letter to state representative MN


This paper provides the information about the issues related with the family health care policies of the Minnesota. This also highlights the impact of these current health care policies and their impact on the family concerns. It also discusses the economical and political factors and their impact on health care issues. There are also legislative suggestions for the implementation of better health care plan in the law reform.

A paper and a letter to state representative MN


Minnesota health care association provides the preventive measures for the public health care. It involves the protection plans and appointment of health care representatives. The state law representative also approved the comprehensive and human care services finance bill and state based health insurance programs. (Schomacker and Luverne 2012). In 2010 governor of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty offered health care reform which provides a right to appoint health care representatives; this improves the condition of health care. This also involves the nursing homes facilities, moratorium funds, medical health certification, supervision for the expensive emergency rooms and community health awareness programs.

Thesis Statement

There is need to realize the family health care issues in Minnesota.


Social Policy

Social policies of a country deals with various social aspects of the community to provide them better means of life ( Radzilowski, 2006). Apart from other social activities, one of the major concerns of the state is to look for the various aspects of family organization, planning and health. The major areas of focus are the creation of family, economic support provided to the family, child rearing and the last one is providing complete care and health maintenance facilities to all the families. Families also take active part in the policy making which is concern with the family well being, stability, better relationships and educational and health care facilities.

Family Policy

It is the whole social care system that is especially designed to bring improvement and advancements in the allocation of better means of health and educational opportunities for everyone. Kamerman and Khan explained the differences between the explicit policies and implicit policies (Kamerman and Kahn,1998). To understand the family policies it is essential to understand the basics of these policies. The explicit policies are intended to affect families directly. The main reason for these policies is to provide benefits and care to the families. The other policies are the implicit policies which don't have direct affect on the families, means that these policies are not designed for the families but their implications result in affecting the families as well.

Issues of Family policy making

According to researches despite various family health care plans and other measures taking by the government, United States does not take any measures to provide any legal stability to the families by implementing it in their constitution. This clears the concept of explicit and implicit policies, United States does not take any direct measures to improve the conditions of families but its various reforms, facilities and findings in various other fields provide support to the ...