A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

The main theme of William Faulkner short story "Rose for Emily" is "held in the past." Emily Grierson world has all time been a piece of the past, even when we were to go into her life, she would move away into the security that she was aware, in the past.

Living in the past, is a concept that people still feel every day. This is not bad, as the concept of how long a person can accept, and move with changes in the modern world. The adoption of the changes observed include your home as well. Emily Grierson in the house was not modern inside and outside. (Brooks 190-191) The house was considered "an eyesore among eyesores", mounted on what was one of the leading streets. This would help to look barricade Emily and protection against a hostile world and changing times. (Brooks 190-191)

In today's world there can be a hectic time. New concepts, ideas and gadgets can intimidate a person in complete solitude. Fear will assume in connection with the unknown or do not want. As is the case with Emily, she did not leave his house and to allow visitors except her hired help. Now and then we would like to see her in the window for a moment" (Faulkner 92). The security of individual homes is a great comfort to them, when the fear of the outside world developed. In the past, could comfort people and help them deal with it now.

Emily grew up with the idea that her father was the town of Jefferson is a bit of money. Therefore, when it came time for her taxes are paid, she refused. She would like to remind citizens of the following "Her voice was dry and cold. I have no taxes on Jefferson.

Colonel Perhaps one of you can get access to documents and to meet the city itself "(Faulkner 89). In memory of Colonel Emily was so realistic that it was, he was still alive. The mind is a powerful tool that can play tricks on people. A person may begin to believe that really exists. Emily to the notion of her father, the one who had to defend it, and grow. (Blythe 191-193)

Emily in the early years with his father showed a man who thought highly of his daughter. Citizens can remember all the young men that her father ...
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