A Study Of The Usage Of Paper At Mmu And Suggestions On How To Reduce, Reuse And Recycle Paper

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A study of the Usage of paper at MMU and suggestions on how to reduce, reuse and recycle paper



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Project Outline

Relation between Literature Review and Project Outline

In relation to literature, it is noted that the relevance of the topic with its reviews is important because it focuses on the concept of increased use of paper and the drawbacks of its increased consumption in the society both health and safety prospective. The project outlines the significance of using paper and its importance for the upcoming generation. The researcher takes into explain the enormous meaning that the topic entails which also relates on the commitment to sustainability approach at MMU. It discuses how it is necessary to reduce paper consumption by changing our habits, and encourage recycling of the same industry to nurture the raw material that reduces in part the pressure on the forests of the planet. The amount of paper required in a university is huge because of the number of students enrolled every year. Thus, for a university to cater to thousands of students, a large amount of paper is used.

The reduction must be link to the promotion of the use of recycled paper as it represents a significant savings of natural resources (primarily wood, water and energy) and a reduction in pollution due to less use of potentially polluting substances in the papermaking process made of recycled versus virgin fibber. In addition, it favours the recovery of waste paper and prevents thousands of tons of raw materials for paper industry wasted when deposited in landfills and incinerators.

Staff Views about Paper Use in the University

MMU had countenance numerous challenges to lower down its waste by coming up with meaningful environmental programs. It had gained numerous followings in their campaign to lower down landfill increase and had rallied on the decrease of carbon emission. Recycling had been one key for them to consider as an opportunity to reduce waste and turn them to useful means through reuse materials and reproduce them to business opportunities.

The link between Aims, objectives, and literature review

The consumption is increasing every year (10.7 million tones in 1998, 10.9 in 1999 and 11, 13 in 2007) and alongside the French paper, industry needs to produce more. Paper is used widely in education all over the world. As the literacy rate has grown up, so has the use of printed documents. In Europe, the Arabs introduced the paper in the eighth century who was taken prisoner in Chinese (McRobbie, 1999, ...
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