A Thematic Analysis Of The Influence Or Purpose Of Friendship

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A Thematic Analysis of The Influence or Purpose of Friendship


This report will disscuss the various impacts of friendship in one's life.To live in a society and perform best practices within that society, aperson should recognize the values and significance of this beautiful relation. Friendship plays avery dominat role in one's life. Friendship is a sign of love and joy.

This report is comprised of the different theamatic analysis of the reasons and requirements of friendship into live in a society and to lead a life and also the bad circumstances that result in the break down of friendship bonds.The themes includes in this analysis are, the reson of being friends, the reason of breakdown of friendship , the the reasons that creat difference in friendship, the purpose and the influence of friendship and the affect of friendships in our lives. In order to perform this research, interview is conducted to check out the influence off friendship in one's life.

A Thematic Analysis of The Influence or Purpose of Friendship


A thematic analysis is required to know about the influence of friedship in ones life. For this pupose, an interview was conducted on the basis of friendship.It can be said that a friend is a person who accepts a true in you even when you have end up with believing In yourself. The company of a friend makes feel so relaxed and comfortable and ultimately changes the mood and makes happy. Friend is a person who is always there in one's life to help, to support and to keep life healhy and happy. Friends influence one's lfe to a high extent and provides sincere guidance.

Focusing on the points that were discussed during the interview it can be said that a friend is a person who understands all the feelings nad emotions even that which are un said. Friends influence and affect and sometimes guide lives, that shows that they have a direct influence on well being, financial levels, and almost every area of our lives.Some people still exist who are unfamiliar with the strong bond of friendship and its significance and effects in one's life.

The research report is based upon the qualitive methods using interviews and surveys,to understand the different themes of friendship. There is observed a lack in the qualitative research conducted on analyzing the different themes of friendship, so this report is carried out by conducting semi structured interviews to explore the feelings and emotions involved in friendship and its different aspects and influence on one's life.


In conducting this reaserch, an interviewer and a person is involved.That person who is interviewed, is deeply involve in friendship with one of his old, childhood friend. He is not a teenager but a young person who is planning to get married soon as he is already engaged.His interview helped in various ways to analyze the different themes of friendship. For further information, different websites are also used. Study of different books and articles related to this topic are also involved in the ...
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