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Abortion is a social phenomenon that throws just chilling statistics with known statistics, if we enter in this field over the numbers we would see that the harsh reality experienced by today's society is vastly greater than the simple numbers that yield simple and vague approaches. Every day abortions are committed in the world even counted by millions; this has been eroding the public institutions and ideologies that their officers have been in favor of the rollback of abortion laws in many countries. No doubt you have to take drastic measures and not to solve a problem that has roots to spare, but to regulate it and make it more beneficial for women who risk their lives in doing so clandestinely. In this paper, we will present both the sides of the topic, speaking in favor and in against of the topic of abortion.



The scientific evidence is clear, a man identified as biologically distinct and individual, is present from the moment of conception. This is irrefutable. What has been formed in the womb, not a part of its fabric. In fact it is totally independent and in control, releasing a chemical from their cells (human chorionic gonadotrophin) causes disruption of menstruation of the mother and, starting ago the effects of pregnancy (James, 2005). The abortion is directly therefore intentional to an individual human life, them biologically different from their parents. There can be nothing but a subjective judgment, not to give any value to this or may give less value than his mother. This happens when society allows that there is no logical reason, but should only be the will of individuals or states, which prohibits infanticide, euthanasia or targeted killings for reasons of eugenics (Dellapenna, 2003). In this paper we aim to seek a controversial topic to discuss it. Learn about this subject, know how to define and defend our ideas.


One of the major ethical problems facing the modern man is abortion. In the simplest sense, this is a pharmacological or surgical removal of the fetus, which is located in the womb. It is worth noting that women, who break pregnancy illegally, or at a time when unborn child is viable outside the mother's organism, incur criminal liability (Henshaw, 2007).

Abortion is the process by which the developing child is removed from the womb. Keeping all cases and situations in mind was abortion, and there is still an act of violence against the unborn child and the wife has a baby, in addition to being a moral crime in itself (Russo, 2003). Abortion is a very controversial topic and argues. Here are some points to support the anti-abortion arguments. There are several moral and logical, commonsense arguments against abortion. In this paper, would be presenting both the sides of the argument, speaking in favor and also against the topic of abortion.


The abortion should not be valid, because if conducted, would be made a crime, since this is considered a murder. Also in this situation the fetus or embryo ...
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