Abraham Lincoln Biography

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Abraham Lincoln Biography

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Abraham Lincoln Biography


Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, in the small Kentucky city of Hodgenville. The simple man with a humble background grew up to become one of the greatest leaders in the American history. Lincoln became the 16th President of the United States, and throughout his presidential term he had to face one of the biggest national crises experienced in the country. He is the man he steered America out of its biggest moral crises, and etched his name upon the history books as the president that rid the country of the menace of slavery (Bennett, 1999). The fight of Abraham Lincoln against his own countrymen is a heroic tale of the strength of his ideals and power of his unshakeable principles. He knew that the ugly issue of slavery had to be dealt with, and if it meant to wage war against the people of his own nation, than even this drastic step had to be taken. It is debatable whether other presidents of the country would have displayed the same amount of courage and unshakable moral stance, which Lincoln was able to portray during his short tenure of the president of the United States of America. The man was able to break the shackles of out dated and morally lacking ideologies of the nation, and was able to propel the country to advance in the field of technology and economic prosperity. The life and death of Abraham Lincoln provide a deep analysis of the personal characteristics and the attitudes that a leader must obtain, in order to challenge the negative ideologies of the society and make a substantial change.

Early Life

Born in a humble log cabin in the Hardin County, Kentucky; Lincoln did not have an affluent beginning. His parents Thomas Nicholas and Nancy hanks Lincoln belonged to a moderate middle class family, which was well respected by the entire community. He had two other siblings in the form of an older sister Sarah Lincoln and a younger brother Thomas Lincoln who died in his infancy. Due to an ugly land dispute the entire family had to abandon their home and move to Perry County Indiana, in the year 1817. It was in the new home setting, that the adversities of life started for young Abraham Lincoln. He did not possess a very strong relationship with his father, as the two barely interacted in the household environment. Lincoln however had a very strong relation with his mother. He was only 7 years old when his mother was infected with tremetol. The entire family had to suffer a considerable psychological trauma, as medical aid was difficult to access in the wilderness of his home environment. Nancy eventually died of the disease, and this resulted in the further degradation of the father son relationship. Lincoln had developed resentment for his father, as after the death of Nancy Lincoln, Thomas put a lot of responsibilities on the young shoulders of ...
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