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In this study we try to explore the concept of “World War II” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “World War II” and “different dimensions of the scenario”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “World War II” and tries to gauge its effect on “the nations involved in the War”. Finally the research describes various factors had a significant impact on “World War II” and “causes and consequences of World war II”.

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Causes of the war in World War II4

The situation in Japan6

The weakness of national societies6

Local conflicts in the 306

The 2nd World War was the continuation of war against China.7

The Ethiopian war was an invasion by Italy between 1936 and 1937.7

Events of World War II7

Atomic Bombing in Japan9

Consequences of WWII10


Great Britain11


Soviet Union12

Demographic Consequences13

The economic impact13

The political consequences13


Works Cited15

World War 2


World War II was a military conflict from 1939 to 1945 that resulted killing of 62 million people on the battlefield, in massive bombings of civilians in cities, and by genocide. There were two hostile camps; the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy, Japan, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Finland (cobelligerent), Thailand, and others; and the Allied Powers of the British Empire and common wealth. The global reach of the empires of France, Italy, and Britain meant that non-European areas became directly involved with battles fought in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Organized civilian resistance movements in occupied countries (notably Yugoslavia, France, and Greece) made important contributions to the war effort.

World War II significantly affected the economic conditions of several nations; according to different studies, World War II caused $1 trillion economic downfall in 1945 (approximately $10.5 trillion in 2005 terms). It is the only time in history that nuclear weapons were used. The effects of World War II caused the partitioning of Europe into East and West (with democratic governments receiving economic reconstruction aid through the U.S. Marshall Plan aligned under NATO), the U.S. occupation of Japan. The immediate postwar era also saw the rise of European integration efforts along with the structure of the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Economic Community, which would develop into the European Union at the end of the century.

The purpose of this paper is to enlighten World War II in a holistic manner. It will discuss the causes and consequences of World War II. This paper aims to enlighten the incidents of World War II; in addition, the study investigates diverse dimensions of the scenario. In World War II, there were more killings and decimation than any other conflict before or after it. Due to World War II, citizens of the surrounding countries of Germany and the Soviet Union dreaded the Nazi equipped armies and Red Army troops. It was because these armies conveyed decimation, looting, rape, and death. It appeared that no good would arrive out of the conflict.


World War II involved more nations and was fought in different theaters and fronts, separated by great distances. Although the causes for the ...
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