Academic Honesty

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Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty

Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty

Thesis Statement

“Academic honesty not only develops the personality but makes an individual respectable in the society.”


Significance of maintaining academic honesty is as vital as being honest with your own self is important. When an individual takes birth he/she does not know about ethics and morals of life, however, when he/she grows up, he gets to know some re-defined norms and codes of conduct which let us to establish our social life and become a healthy living of a healthy society. But the question is raised, where does an individual get to learn these morals and ethics? Home is the primary institution and them comes schools, colleges, universities (Spaulding, 2009).


Academic education is not only responsible for providing knowledge and skills to an individual but, it grooms the personality, as well. An individual spends the half of his life in these institutions which makes an intense effect on the personality of an individual and his social presence. Academic honesty is a part of it, which not just makes an individual a better human but, takes him to the path of success. When an individual matures and comes out of teen age, he/she looks more responsible towards his/her self and society. All of us are liable to ourselves, and it is significant for us that we maintain academic honesty, even if we have to bare serious circumstances. Honesty is simple to maintain if we have a strong will and determination for some hard work (Heyman et al., 2009).

It begins when an individual takes admission to an academic institution, specially college and university. Since, at the young age, an individual is more exposed to wrong doings such as cheating and dishonesty, these evils can easily affect him (Heyman et al., 2009).

When an individual takes admission in an institution, he/she should know the policies of his academy, as this is the way an individual gets to know about the consequences of cheating and academic dishonesty. This also helps to resist him/her from these misconducts.

Academic Honesty and Academic Dishonesty

Academic honesty is to resist one's self from plagiarism or cheating, copying or stealing any type of stuff during exams from any kind of source. Academic dishonesty includes altering the authorized academic records, manipulation of grades, deliberately disturb or destruct the performance of other students by harassing them to allow cheating or by assisting other student to carry out misconducts ...
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