Acquisition Planning

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Acquisition Planning

Acquisition Planning


Government Acquisition Organizations was asked how civilian's agencies developed planning for acquisition to services contracts and assessed.GAO analyzed the acquisition planning at four civilian agencies include HHS,USAID,NASA and DHS. These agencies with are spending on professional, management support services and administrative .Government analyzed civilian agencies and examined at these issues regarding poor and inadequate planning for acquisition: (1) How many agencies have established planning for acquisition and which civilian's agencies have developed acquisition planning (2)How these civilians' agencies developed planning for acquisition and fulfill the requirements of this planning include cost estimation ,lessons learned in past contracts (3)Which civilians agencies provide time frames for acquisition planning .

US Agency for International Development (USAID), the departments of Health and Human services (HHS) and Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) have developed policies which are set different requirements and different levels of oversight for acquisition planning. There are some elements are included in acquisition planning including written material for acquisition planning, estimation and analysis of cost and incorporation of lessons learned. All agencies which are involved in elements of acquisition planning.DHS and NASA are included in the deliberation of lessons learned by the previous contract in planning for acquisition. Agencies are required for oversight vary, and these agencies proper review documents and give the approval of planning documents of acquisition


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is a bipartisan investigative body of the Congress of the United States. It examines government plans with respect to corruption, mismanagement and efficiency, advises the Congress on optimization issues in current and future programs and review complaints against procurement decisions. In his duties, it is similar to the German Federal Court and the Appeal of the Federal awarding the Federal Cartel Office.

The GAO has three main tasks:

Control of budget and accounting compliance requirements

Monitoring of public agencies and programs for effectiveness and efficiency

One verification of award divorces on request

The control in budget and accounting rules used for the separation of powers: the executive branch headed by the U.S. President that is the federal administration for nearly all items of expenditure in the U.S. federal budget responsibility. The legislature (both houses of Congress) shall be responsible for budget expertise, which they exercise in the first place by adopting the U.S. federal budget laws. The GAO will allow the Congress to consider to what extent the federal budget shall follow the provisions of the law and can prove this through a proper accounting. Here, the GAO is also responsible for the formulation of accounting rules applicable to state responsibility, i.e., the GAO sets the guidelines for accounting and management of public funds into fixed contracts to the private sector.

On the initiative of the Congress or by public authorities, the GAO examined the effectiveness and efficiency of individual agencies or the cost of programs. The related reports of the GAO denouncing (often directly) to the waste of public money and therefore enjoy a special regular media attention. The GAO has the ability to prioritize jobs ...
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