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The Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program

The Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program

Assessment Of Disabled Veteran Employment

Disabled Veterans continued to be represented at the GS-15 levels and below at RL/ORP in FY 2009. During fiscal year 2009, the Richland Operations Office (RL) and the Office of River Protection (ORP) had less opportunities compared to other years to hire and promote disabled veterans. RL/ORP had only (4) total external hires between the two organizations, promoted (37), which included career ladder promotions and had limited temporary promotions (14) in FY 2009. (Baskir, 1977, 92-102) Unfortunately because of the limited opportunities, many of the employment and career development program goals we had hoped to accomplish for 30% or more disabled veterans were not attained. Thus these best effort employment goals that we didn't accomplish this year will carry over to FY 2003.

Recruiting Methods To Be Used

Continued efforts will be made to send Council Members to national meetings of veteran's organizations in order to affect a close relationship with Hanford and to make their memberships aware of Hanford's recruiting efforts. The Veterans Advisory Council's website will continue to be enhanced to provide continued recognition of Hanford veterans. (Baskir, 1977, 92-102)


Specific objectives of this program in FY 2003 are to:

Assess the career development status of disabled veterans (with emphasis on those veterans who are 30 percent or more disabled) within RL/ORP. GOAL: The EEO Office will work with HRM staff to get management to utilize the career development assessment tool/form for supervisors and managers for RL/ORP's 30% or more disabled veterans within the recently initiated Individual Development Plan (IDP) process utilized by RL/ORP by December 31, 2009. The EEO Office will provide a schedule of disabled veterans career development initiatives to implement throughout the remainder of the fiscal year. (Baskir, 1977, 92-102) The individual development plan (IDP) contains a special section for disabled veterans that will provide an annual survey of their professional career development training needs. Managers and supervisors are encouraged to support disabled veterans' applications for major career development training programs.

Continue to promote employment/promotion opportunities for disabled veterans with a focus on GS-13-15 positions with a special emphasis on 30 % or more disabled veterans. More disabled veterans, especially 30% or more disabled veterans are applying for both merit and competitive announcements at Hanford and as lateral candidates and are being referred to the selecting official as highly qualified. Over the past three years we have had some limited success by hiring four disabled veterans (one 30% or more and three less than 30%) and we have promoted one >30% and two <30%. GOAL 1: Develop a pool of disabled veteran candidates for the limited opportunities that will exist in FY 2003. (Boyle, 1972, 13-15) GOAL 2: Hire or promote at least one 30% or more disabled veteran during FY 2003. GOAL 3: Utilize the special hiring authorities available to recruit a disabled veteran at any grade level if opportunities present themselves this ...
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