Active Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

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Active Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide

Active Euthanasia and physician assisted suicide


Active euthanasia refers to the stepping up for the cause of good death by the usage of certain medication; it could be done by the individual itself or assisted by the doctor. This is a Greek work that came from the “eu” that means well or goodly but it mainly means “good death”. In the 18th century it was meant to be the good way of departing from the quality life. Euthanasia is not a way of suicide whether it may be rational or irrational, for any unknown reasons but it refers to the state where the physician stimulates death with a lethal injection to a patient that is suffering from a persistent in curable disease (


The Difference between Euthanasia & Physician Assisted Dying

The model assisted death involves both voluntary active euthanasia and physician assisted “suicide” that suggests the degrees in differences of behavior and involvement. This suicide involves the dangerous means of death available for the patient that can be used during any time by patient's preferences. The assisted physicians play an important role in the patient with euthanasia in carrying out the process effectively and might also require continuous delivery of the lethal substances. These physician assisted suicides has been observed to be more emotionally rather than other general suicides that doesn't involve the usage of any lethal substance. Basically the physician is just providing with the medicine. The supporters of the physical assisted suicide think that it holds an added advantage that allows the patient of selecting the time of death by themselves or it could even offer a chance to change their mind. But there is a possibility of argument regarding this issue because there is always a risk of error present in this case, ...
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